Raised from dead

I planned another attempt on my knees Spoke to a God Pathetic Uninspired Extraterristial Daisy is no more. A body emptied walking on egg shells. Shocked mind No purpose too unkind. Secret whispers Willful whiskers Silent sisters Cause me to break out in blisters. Words fail to recover my obsolete pose Hesitant Defunct Maleficent stream... Continue Reading →


Introduction to the function of life from the conception of conduct. His caress catches me off guard. Wanton to stay in his embrace. Yet my inner scars compel me to flee. Does he get me? Does he see my plea? Forever  etched into my life -  part of  my unforgettable history. Scared to be loved... Continue Reading →

The mirror reflects the beast is inside it. Inside the mirror the beast reflects, On ideas inside reflective retrospection. Reflect reflexive reflux. Unburden the beast From  the mirror on its side. Beasted prisms -open mouthed, Cavernous cat calling, flea bags . Black shades of night undeterred by the mirror at that angle. Pages of bondage... Continue Reading →

In the twilight of my mind I arise from my slumber. A perfect piece of calm envelopes my sacred space. It intertwines with my beating heart. A knock at the door. The man from two doors down- Inebriated, Staggering, Incoherent. He mutters about galloping away from his latest nightmare. My child - Her peace disrupted... Continue Reading →

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine Unknown one liner  Wednesday    

In the shadowed shades of my blues. I tenderly look for another who I can summon as one who lives life in honor, Of all that is true. Those who speak the spoken word in all its iridescent hues. Colors drape my inner wardrobe. Yet, I clamber for my grey, nuances of noir. Catastrophizing all... Continue Reading →

Under pressure. Breaking apart — splinting at a crucial fissure. Until, It  causes an eruptive displeasure. Disquieted mind  brushes strokes of  bad blood around these elemental  chambers. Cordoned off. This is my plea. So, don't arouse my anger. Beaten hearts with a wooden spoon. These wings will fly- I'm a fledgling not a buffoon. Weep... Continue Reading →

I’m the woman who feels her mind unravel every single day. I’m that woman who will drop (almost ) anything to be loved, liked and to try and be there for people. I am that woman who thinks I am one step away from insanity. One meal away from sitting with others -in the cafeteria... Continue Reading →

In the twilight of that mind, Turntables blast out despair When unable to fathom out her own kind. Two open ended books splay their outward innards. Hesitant to accept the possiblity of another perspective. Suppose there is alien life out there… That we can conceive of. An outcome for her resolve to never give in... Continue Reading →

And in my darkest hours, when the air extingushes all light. Hopelessness hangs heavy, spongy and dense. Above me it hovers, a cloud with a fierce clout. I scramble searching to strike my last match. Unable to see what is right in front on me.I hear the mirthful tinkle of a giggling child. A purr... Continue Reading →

Contemplating about my guilt. Flood waters break. Damn! Bursts  in Death's wake. Sombre sombreros sway nonchalantly past my weary face. I see the disguise Its dressed as the waif. Inside I try to blossom- Inside I will myself to wake. No lovers kiss to make my fate. I rise and I fall, fall and rise.... Continue Reading →

Passionate about music, cultures, original beats and discovering new genres?

Daisy in the Willows

A song to get you through the post.. Ha ha!

My mental health kick ass anthem. If you are female you should listen to this to gain strength over your triumphs and understand your grief. Men – if you love women- you will appreciate our complexity and emotions and way of self expression through Sa Roc’s lyrics- she is dynamite.

This is testimony to the massive talent on the hip hop/rap scene in the U.K.

Passionate about music, cultures, original beats and discovering new genres?

Hit play for the


Playlist below

Hey I’m still here. I’m suffering from coming back from a walking slumber.  Mental health problems,eh?

Who would choose to have them?

Ha ha!

Not me.

On a lighter note , my Bengal cat, Miss Tatiana

has most definitely inherited my eating disorder.

She puked all over her food. EUUURGH!

Is that meant to…

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When Words are few Allow music to: Connect Create. Collaborate With other Creativists. creativists Noun -- (1) To be a creative activist. (2) To challenge conventionality using art and expressionism as your tools. (3) To creatively enact change. Someone who is attuned creatively to their surroundings; a person who understands and expresses their life through... Continue Reading →

Stone cold. I sit in silence. Tears betray the death of another beating heart . Distant to my heart ache. Love is meaningless accented by meaningful nuances. Hunger strikes, I'm alone with the pangs, Unsure if I want to feel the caress of familiar hands or if I'd rather escape to a nether land. Conjuring... Continue Reading →

I'm a massive admirer of french artist, GUTS. I discovered his music a few years back with  the epic ' les bienheureux' album produced by wax labels, 2007, who've  released  albums such as 'Nightmares on wax presents 'Nightmares on wax' Bob powers ( Tribe called quest, Roots) took him under his wing and schooled him... Continue Reading →

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