This is a laid back, sensual remix of the beetles iconic track' A day in the life'.  Artist unknown mix found on Soundcloud. CHAPEUX! I didn't appreciate the Beetles until I moved to England and a mate living in Yorkshire educated me. People who introduce you to new music are dope, G.O.A.T. , worth... Continue Reading →


Cornelius Ferguson aka Corky Traxman hails from Chicago and has been on the Chicago house and acid music house scene since 'house music was born' He branched out further into the electronic scene. And became one of the co founders of now deceased D.J. Rashed and D.J. Spinn and Teklife crew which lead him to... Continue Reading →

G.O.A.T. Q &A with DEE WALLZ

When I first heard this (2018) on hype machine.My curiosity stirred from the intro of 'PlayStation'( a sample is taken from one of the most iconic game systems start up theme ever ma de. *The inspiration for the track came following a break up with an ex -girlfriend and Dee went into his studio, let... Continue Reading →

Bristol based experimental electronic  set up, Hessian. Hessian is a Bristol based music producer covering the many intricate sub genres of electronic music. His sound portrays the relationship of organic and synthetic sounds creating an exciting composition often topped with a captivating vocal. Born in London and now residing in Bristol UK, Matthew de Souza... Continue Reading →

What is G.O.A.T. ?

We are made up of sound, images, feelings, taste combined with  Daisy Willows alter ego Bah! terr-kid , GOATS2BDAzee and featured artists . Head to our first  G.O.A.T. FEATURE ARTIST INTERVIEW CONNECT SOUL NOW OUR ETHOS: We  are connecters. We like to connect , help, share and learn. We encourage Creativity. We are a  hub... Continue Reading →

Random generation of Procrastination

 *RANDOM WORD GENERATOR  WRITING PROMPT  AGAINST  PROCRASTINATION* Rules Apply  😉   Collect your  RANDOM WORD HERE  Go with the first word/s you receive. Don't cheat  😀 Don't  pause to think when you start  writing/typing News  Makes this tail mangy from substantial abuse. It rips at the soul- It makes censorship an ideal  way to protect society... Continue Reading →

Instinct them there eyes that sit on the side of your facewhere your ears shoot up from the top of your head.Primitive- does it have a capacity to learn?What is instinct?the ability to know if something is a good idea or bad?Is it just leftovers from another former homo sapien - who didn't get the... Continue Reading →

So putting fingers to type form is easy all the time right? WRONG! In my case it's been a turbulant  few days   ahem.. years. The daily stresses and grind of this 'dog eat dog world' and self medicating started to have a severely negative impact on my health. To those on here who have stuck by... Continue Reading →

G.O.A.T. Sampa the great

When I found this song on hype machine, a couple of months ago, I was blown away. Being a woman, when I heard Sampa the great   sing bars that soar to dizzy heights-it touched my heart. She's an African poet/Artist born in Zambia ,and who is based in Sydney, Australia. How cool is that?... Continue Reading →

Panic  glares at them boots tossed near the scullery  bin Churns its  stomach until it resembles a soiled salad Curled Brown shaded  stemmed leaves.   A dice scarred  thrice Flag down The fourth Pleiades  sister Her face disfigured by a silhouette. Speech dubbed over until she believes she is mute.   Declares her name as... Continue Reading →

Queen of Tristesse

Stone cold. I sit in silence. Tears betray the death of Another beating heart . Distant to my heart ache. Love is meaningless accented by meaningful Nuances. Hunger strikes,I’m alone With the pangs, Unsure if I want to feel the Caress of familiar hands Or If I’d rather escape to a Nether land. Conjuring Magicians... Continue Reading →

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