Intolerant society. We live in a belly fighting off bacteria Begging other intelligence to disembowel us Before a tsumanima of hate floods our irrigation system of morals. No lives matter. Nazi's aren't the only few crazier than Mercuries Mad Hatter. Everyone has an opinion. Every Judy thinks they are entitled to a Punch -... Continue Reading →


And when I believe that everything that  I feel is real, I set myself up . Grasp  the short straw  to hear whale music oxygenised- Death becomes her Another attempt on her life Variety is indeed her spice. She marked it out as hers with a tank girl knife. Neathanderals and the world are  conspiring... Continue Reading →

This is a surreal piece I wrote about the cruelty of life and how the elderly are treated in Britain. It was inspired by the time I spent with my grandmother in her care home when she had Dementia and Alzeihmers. It's a stream of consciousness borderline script.  MRS BRUISED :   "I'm tired"  ... Continue Reading →

Janus of global slang

Inspired by his lyrics - it's not exactly physics. Big boy - Little boy Atomic bomb decoy don't come across as coy. Paranoia looms over A  shadow with no owner. Scented thoughts hang outside on the laundry line -  drying out, pegged up, sketchy. Nowt out of the ordinary. The demise of senseless beatings. The savage frolic in secret meetings.... Continue Reading →

Mrs Tersable

Mrs. Tersable had the patience of  Hades with a lengthy dose of blue ball build up  syndrome. Beans on toast, eaten straight out of  a tin can -  this is not how she was used to living, outside of her comfort zone. She wore wooly jumpers to cover  the razor sharp teeth piercing through her very... Continue Reading →

My demise. This statement I  claim as my own. I am that walking catastrophe. There. I saunter Meander I'm in a state of atrophy. Hear the  cackles  full of apathy. I write no more for pleasure I write  more for  no pleasure. I'm wasted to academic response. The demise of a writer in  brogues set... Continue Reading →

Maybe I'm not who I say am. Maybe I'm too prised shut. Im certainly not the man More likened to a clam. Plenty of fish to test my lack of faith. Indirect lines Caught in the net- Delivering me to an Ill designed fate. Mate, Tag me with an aphrodisiac. Swimming in the theatre room... Continue Reading →

Raised from dead

I planned another attempt on my knees Spoke to a God Pathetic Uninspired Extraterristial Daisy is no more. A body emptied walking on egg shells. Shocked mind No purpose too unkind. Secret whispers Willful whiskers Silent sisters Cause me to break out in blisters. Words fail to recover my obsolete pose Hesitant Defunct Maleficent stream... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the function of life from the conception of conduct. His caress catches me off guard. Wanton to stay in his embrace. Yet my inner scars compel me to flee. Does he get me? Does he see my plea? Forever  etched into my life -  part of  my unforgettable history. Scared to be loved... Continue Reading →

The mirror reflects the beast is inside it. Inside the mirror the beast reflects, On ideas inside reflective retrospection. Reflect reflexive reflux. Unburden the beast From  the mirror on its side. Beasted prisms -open mouthed, Cavernous cat calling, flea bags . Black shades of night undeterred by the mirror at that angle. Pages of bondage... Continue Reading →

In the twilight of my mind I arise from my slumber. A perfect piece of calm envelopes my sacred space. It intertwines with my beating heart. A knock at the door. The man from two doors down- Inebriated, Staggering, Incoherent. He mutters about galloping away from his latest nightmare. My child - Her peace disrupted... Continue Reading →

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine Unknown one liner  Wednesday    

In the shadowed shades of my blues. I tenderly look for another who I can summon as one who lives life in honor, Of all that is true. Those who speak the spoken word in all its iridescent hues. Colors drape my inner wardrobe. Yet, I clamber for my grey, nuances of noir. Catastrophizing all... Continue Reading →

Under pressure. Breaking apart — splinting at a crucial fissure. Until, It  causes an eruptive displeasure. Disquieted mind  brushes strokes of  bad blood around these elemental  chambers. Cordoned off. This is my plea. So, don't arouse my anger. Beaten hearts with a wooden spoon. These wings will fly- I'm a fledgling not a buffoon. Weep... Continue Reading →

I’m the woman who feels her mind unravel every single day. I’m that woman who will drop (almost ) anything to be loved, liked and to try and be there for people. I am that woman who thinks I am one step away from insanity. One meal away from sitting with others -in the cafeteria... Continue Reading →

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