Who am I & Why I’m here.

oooh well. Hello, I’m a girl who has been meaning to create a blog for myself for months. I kept putting it off thinking I would have nothing to say, but my thoughts didn’t agree with me. I have had some crazy experiences. I went through the head banging session era  and  I was a 12 year old raver in my youth. Ecstasy was the flavour of that era. I’ve been a drug addict. I’ve been an Anorexic with multiple stays in hospitals. I have a colorful label of Bipolar but I take my meds to the book these days. I have never been governed by boundaries. I’ve been in toxic relationships that crushed the small self esteem I had. I got a degree in BA(hons) Arts and the Humanties. in 2015. I studied Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds (for a laugh) and then focused my last module on ‘Advanced creative writing. I love writing stage scripts. I’ve done a foundation degree in blah blah  blah…   I never thought I would achieve this. Again I proved myself wrong. I’ve had many opportunities to make friends but I don’t let too many people get too close. I am also a very proud Mom never thought I could have kids with all the crap I did to my body but there you go.. She is my living delight.

So, I figured if I start writing about my thoughts and experiences then maybe I might stop over analysing and hopefully make a friend or two. I have recently had a court order lifted stating I don’t need social services in my life any longer. I’m getting married in 2016. Another thing I never thought I would do. I want to be sexy and confident in myself. I think my hubby to be would certainly welcome that version of me. I am not a person to hide my thoughts and skeletons in the closet .I like to rattle the bone out of them. I love my family. I love my family roots. I was born in South Africa. I have French nationality added to Russian and English in my blood.. I suppose this blog is about life, beliefs, opinions, thoughts, adventures,love, pain and memories even. I dedicate my time to volunteering in groups for people with mental health issues. I stopped smoking in February 2015 and I am a proud vaper. Life and Death is a topic I can’t seem to get away from these days.I am not a hippy but I do yoga to ground me and I do loads of dance workouts in my humble living room. I am a healthy weight of 10 stone or 64 kg’s .I love cats and all our earthling friends. I’m not trying to sell anything -rest at ease.. So welcome everyone and no one too :D. I have days when I think I look horrid but mostly I can see I’m an average girl with my own look and there is plenty beauty to found in all people, all you need to do is look and not just see.I write a lot as you can see. Ha. So that is a bit about me. I’m trying something new. It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time. Welcome!

P.S. I love cocktails


22 thoughts on “Who am I & Why I’m here.”

  1. I’m looking forward to reading you thoughts on religion which I’m sure you have an opinion or two.

    P.S. I love cocktails too!


    1. One in particular is called the Unconventional Wisdom. This is from a local bar called the usual here in my city so it wouldn’t be common in other bars. It has bison grass infused vodka so it gives it an earthy flavor. Very unique I think.

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    2. Hahahah . the bible belt of the great United States of a America. Are we going to fall out over religion ? haha – what a shame when we are just getting to know one another

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    3. Haha I would hope not! I know Texas gets a lot of flak, and in my instances deservedly so but I know many here who are progressive and accepting of others. By the way, I’m A word that cannot be named. 😱😰😨


    4. Yeah right – 😉 I will get there and we will be having an unconventional wisdom’ drink and you will go all eternity ring on me. Even though I am ahem …..a mother already haha

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  2. Indeed very detailed and welcoming, I like your honesty and frankness.
    Actually we should all try to share our experiences in order to assist others not make the same mistakes we made when we got to that level.
    I like your courage, keep it up.
    I will love to read more from you.
    have a good weekend,


  3. I think you’d have to do quite a lot of looking — possibly with an electron microscope — to find the beauty in me! 🙂 Sounds like you have an lot of interesting topics you want to talk about.

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    1. Hey Megan,

      Thank you.

      I don’t think people should be ashamed for things that have happened in their past without having examined all the evidence. I am going to balance it out. Can’t have violins playing on and on and on .. 🙂

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