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Morning all

I’ve signed up to word presses 101# Blog course and I am in day two. The challenge today is to come up with a catchy name and tag line for my blog. I thought I had a cool one – Daisy Willows World- one girls key to her skeleton closest. I then decided to challenge myself and come up with something I love not just like.  So as you will see my blog name has changed and so has my tag line. It 100% fits with my personality and experiences.  This got me thinking about names in general. The revolving door of my mind swept this one particular memory into the forefront.  In school -way back I was friends with a lovely but troubled young girl called Natasha, ( she could have been me) we were that close. I don’t remember how it all came about but one moment laughing ,smiling Natasha started being called by her shitty peers – Ah Satan.

Ah Satan? What on earth is that all about? Natasha told me she begged her Mother to re-name her Natalie or anything  else because she hated the name Natasha.  Her  Mother wanted to know what all ‘this nonsense’ was about. Natasha eventually told her that Natasha spelt backwards spelt -Ah Satan. This poor girl was almost traumatised by it. It didn’t carry on for long but it was enough to rankle her. My thoughts on it all is what 7/8 year old has time to work out anachronisms for other children and why that particular child ? I thought I was messed up.  She eventually got called ‘Tasha’ by her friends and family and she was left wholly intact and not too traumatised by the experience . Although when we were teenagers we did try and get into Satanism but that is another story all together and I have valid points about that- the main ones being:

  1. I went to a catholic school (with nuns)
  2. My Nan made me sit for 2 hours a day after school (Mon-Fri) having Jehovah witness lessons with a rather creepy lady called Rita
  3. My best childhood friend and her family and my adopted family lost their beautiful Mother to Cancer. We all sought comfort in becoming reborn Christians and ‘feeling drunk in the lords spirit’ ( I kid you not)

So I was rather confused about all this religion stuff and what I should and shouldn’t be doing.  For the record I have no religion. I will never believe in one God. I respect all religions and I get it that people need ‘Hope’ and guidance in their lives and religion is one way to feel that you have achieved that. I personally don’t like to an unseen God to take credit for all my mistakes and all my hard work. But enough about religion for today.

Back to names.  Names validate us as unique individuals. I remember back in college (not that long ago) I read a play called  ‘Saved’, a horrific play about a baby whose mother can’t be bothered to look after her child. In fact none of the characters can be bothered to look after this child. She doesn’t even acknowledge this child. The play reaches a crescendo when the baby is left out in a park on a cold night and the male characters  are  trying to decide what to do with the baby. One of the characters compares a baby to an animal –in the sense -that they both don’t have feelings. They go onto savagely beating and pulverising this baby. This being the only time in the play that the baby is acknowledged.  Names are important because it familiarizes us to other people. Shows other people we mean something in this world.

I have a nearly four year old daughter called Isabella and a cat called Tatiana- I like how the names roll off the tongue in a passionate and playful way. My daughter starts pre school tomorrow and I know she is beautiful ( I’m not the only one who says this btw).

Woe, the day if some one tries and mocks her because of her name. it means beautiful She is in heart , spirit, looks and personality. Isabella loves her name and has gone one step further to announce to her family and strangers that her name is Princess Isabella or Miss Isabella and she corrects them if they are wrong. It’s  hilarious. I love the name Daisy because it means ‘Days eye’  because it is a flower that opens it’s petals at daybreak and that is almost poetic.  I love the name Natasha too as it means a surprise or a birthday. My dentist is obsessed with the meaning of names. So obsessed I bought him a book on it.  If only he could be as obsessed with my teeth.  By owning your name you come to exist. You come into being a human being. This leads me on the end of this post. I have always argued with my Nan about my daughter being christened. I put that word together with religion and ignorantly discarded another moment to waste time on it. In hindsight I may have a non religious naming ceremony in the future to honour Isabella’s coming into her own being. I don’t need religion to understand the importance of this ‘ritual’ or ‘rites to passage’.

To leave  on a positive. Do you know the meaning of your name?  check out this website

Say my name


8 thoughts on “SAY MY NAME…….

  1. It actually took me 20-something years (Considering I’m 28 now that’s a bit late to realise it) to actually like my birth/given name. It’s not Maggie, but a lot of people use Maggie just for the convenience of not messing up the actual one.
    My real name actually means pearl and I share it with a queen – shouldn’t be half bad, but it has given me some troubles in foreign countries and co-workers not speaking my native language. It will never be on the popular chart of names, but it’s a decent name. Now that I’m grown up, it suits me more than it did as a child.


    • I love the name Maggie – it’s quirky. and Pearl is beautiful too. I do get how people can make your name sound like I dunno Meh geeee haha. Sorry. At least you don’t have every second person you meet have your name. So I think that is pretty cool.


      • Try saying Margrethe, that’s my real name. People rarely get it right unless they are Scandinavian. I always have to tell them how to spell it. Given that my last names aren’t easy either. It becomes fun. At Starbucks I give them random names they might understand, one day I’m Bob – the next I might be Alice.


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