The cake theme

The cake the

I still can’t believe I am getting married. I know nearly every person who gets married  has uttered this vow like phrase. I was against weddings for so long. I thought a person doesn’t need to have a legal wedding to prove to everyone around them that they are in love and love one another. 

Fast forward 20 years later and I’ve booked a small intimate wedding for 22 June 2016. I have my gorgeous wedding dress. I’ve booked the photographer. I paid the legal side to get someone to marry us. They don’t come cheap do they? I’ve always thought I can over complicate things. 


That phrase I have heard over and over. I’m not not flexible. I hate people making decisions for me. I took my lovely Nan to come with us as she is the person who is paying for our cake. A wonderful wedding present. Thanks Nan. My Nan is not one to keep her thoughts to herself. 😀 We can clash like two titans. So we are in the cake shop – it took us 45 minutes to get to the place. A place called ‘the wildings’ . Sounds like something out of ‘Games of ‘Thrones’ . Who calls a cake shop that? Roger and Sue do. We spent an hour faffing about. Me, listening to my Nan’s  half announced suggestions. Finish what you are talking about, Nan. 

I took the lead and decided. I’m un fussy. I am getting married for love and not to WOW everyone . Although my ego reckons that would be a bonus if our guests did go ‘WOW’ .  I am no Bridezilla.  Here is the final plan with the cake. We are having an  English Afternoon  cake and tea reception – New Orleans- Southern belle style. We wanted to get married in New Orleans but money dictates in this world so,we will bring a bit of southern to our humble town. ONE NIGHT ONLY. We have gone with a continental box style base with these inside.



We are only going to have one tier of vanilla sponge cake with white iced lace -to tie in with my dress. The daisy flower (picture above) is going to be the topper. Nice and simple. Pay the deposit. £20 delivery charge. Sneaky bastards. We have a cake that is the main thing. I can’t believe what some people will pay for a cake.   Obviously the more people there are the more cake needed. I was looking  through the catalogue and I was like erm — gypsy bride wedding invasion. Each to their own. Let’s  just hope no one goes all Oliver Twist on the day and asks for more. MORE? MORE? 


  1. Find out the theme colour of your wedding ours is yellow and ivory and stick to it.
  2. Go to shop and tell them that you are on what ever budget.
  3. Don’t apologise for only being able to afford a budget cake. You are a client with money they want
  4. Go with the minimum  of people -especially ones with strong opinions.
  5. keep it simple
  6. get the nod from your hubby-to-be
  7. pay the deposit

leave the cake shop or ‘the wilding’s’ unscathed and intact and able to do more with your day

EASY PEASY. Move on to the next part of the wedding.

Or maybe not. As I am typing who comes to visit?  my Nan. We need a serious discussion about the cake. Here we go……. I actually agree with her for a change. We have been robbed. Some one she knows will do the cake as specified and free delivery for half the price.. What did I say about weddings being easy peasy? I need too apologise for my ignorance. Shop around…  ha  ha ha. 


7 thoughts on “MORE? YOU WANT MORE CAKE?

  1. Many many congratulations! So happy to know you are getting married. Something that has been on my minf off late lol Will love to hear how the planning goes and maybe some tips could come handy in the future 🙂
    Wishing the best and looking forward to reading more of the story


    • THANK YOU. I can’t believe how fast the days are going by. I’m starting to panic. Will update about the cake very soon. We (my Mom and Nan) had a serious discussion at the round table about this cake.. It was the longest hour of my life. I will update on the wedding soon. A great tip – less people is better for your sanity hahaahah

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  2. A friend of mine is a weddding planner and I don’t know HOW she does it! There are so many details and people to work with (vendors AND family), etc! I’ve always said that if I ever get married, I’ll just elope but invite immediate family and call it a day. But who knows? All that can change, right?

    Either way, congrats! 🙂

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