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simply thank you

simply thank you



I got voted the Liebster award!

I got voted the Liebster award!



It has been such a positive day in my life outside of blogging with all the workshops and groups I have coming up. Then  I come home to access  my inside blogging world. and have a have been voted a Liebster award by two fellow bloggers on different days.  YAY! 


What did you want to be when you grew up (at 5 years old)?

Hahaha. Oh god. I  think I came out with something mind blowing. I wanted to become a advocate or a lawyer. I was sick of all the people around me  fighting and arguing  and not hugging it all out  instead. Give peas a chance said some one. I am such a Geek!

If you could give a million dollars to charity, which charity/charities would you choose?

Eating disorder research charities , Alzeihmers research charities and alternative treatment for mental health.

What’s your favorite seasonal food?  You know, pumpkin, peppermint, etc

 I currently live in England so I have to say pumpkin for obvious reasons. I love mussels -have to be warmed up.  I also love wild mushrooms in an omelette or  if you are being super healthy like moi. ( I am getting married in June) use two massive breakfast mushrooms as the bun for a quorn burger. So yummy.   I love apples too. I love all fruit actually.  Never loved fruit more, now that I’m getting married in June. You are going to hear that about the wedding a  lot. That reminds me of an update on the cake situation . I like cake! Cake is good in Autumn . 🙂

Who was your celebrity crush when you were in high school?

I didn’t really have anyone. I grew up in Africa and we lived outside a lot. Similar to monkeys  haha. I fell in love with Skins music from ‘Skunk Anansie’ and I fell in love with ‘Nine inch nails’. I had crushes on people I knew. In fact the only celebrity crush I have ever had was when I was about 8/9 years old. NKOTB. If you don’t know them . All the better for you. Hahaha.

What are five things you KICK ASS at?

I have been complimented on my writing. I am rather good at challenges people set for me and those I set for myself. I’m good at speaking the truth . Like an arrow to your heart sometimes. I’m good at feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I am shit hot Mom 😀 That was a pretty tough question for me. 

What’s the last GREAT book you read?images (6)

Easy peasy. ‘Broken dolls’ by  Jefferson Winter   and I am currently dipping into ‘the book thief’ by  Marcus zusak at the moment along with a bunch of non fiction books related to organising workshops. Swotting up on mental health . that kind of thing.  There is also my life but that is what my blog is for. hahaha

What’s something that really gets you fired up?

I hate girly gossip. I’m the kind of person who will say whatever I say to another person behind your back straight in front of your face. I had dishonesty. I hate injustice and I hate ignorance.

Are you a collector?  What do you collect?

I collect a charm from each person I murder…. mwaahaha . erm. no I am not a collector. Hang on a sec, I collect pictures. I love pictures of my family and friends. I’ m not one of these totally I’m so cool and  I can use one  pic to sum up how awesome their life is.  I need to share. I was brought up to share as many experiences as possible. 

Your middle name — embarrassing or AWESOME?

Honestly? a bit boring. Sorry Mom but I have my Mom’s name Sonia. I think it is okay but why couldn’t I have been middle named Zion or sheera or something  with an edge to it.

What’s your most embarrassing email/AIM username?  Do kids still use AIM?  Or even know what it is?  Probably not. I haven’t used it in about 8 years.

Never used it but I can use this question to embarrass my lovely husband to be. Okay . his name he uses for his email is ‘GazHimself’  – he doesn’t even get how arrogant this comes across as.  haahha.

What song have you had on repeat lately?

Oh this is an easy one – I’m thinking of this song for our first and probably only dance ever. it was my Granddads favourite song

time to nominate my 11 awesome new blogger friends. It’s a tough one because you all have such amazing blogs but I have to be ruthless so – I NOMINATE  

everyday should be a writing day , Laura keep up with your posts. You have started now so got to keep going. 

I too want you to set the world on fire and make me think. loving your story about you Granny. I think you need update your about you page 🙂 only a small suggestion

The fiesty redhead

loving the good vibes and inspiration vibes from you 

 Your blog is amazing- we may clash on religion but credit where it is due.

I don’t know if u  may or may have not been voted for this yet.. I haven’t done day nine yet. Yours is terribly intersting 

let them eat bread/  ‘let them eat bread’ Marie Antoinette. 

The go to blog for book reviews

Everone needs a

I’ve been kind of busy lately but this only took me about 3 hours to do. So Thanks for the nomination again THANK YOU CHEYENNE . It was fun to do.

Here are my answers to JESSICA AND HER MODEST BITES 

  • What were your goals when you decided to start your blog?
  • I guess I wanted to have a public place to share my thoughts- my past, present and future. I want to tell people not to be ashamed of what has happened in their lives. I felt ashamed and hid myself in my illnesses and self loathing for a very  long time. The time has come to stop all that and just tell it like it is.  The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • What is your favorite book? 
  • This is a hard one- okay ‘the complete works of Lewis Carroll’ What a vivid imagination for a mathematician from Cambridge.. 
  • What is your favorite season? Why?
  • SUMMER TIME, BABY. I live in ‘a lacking of Vitamin D’ country of England. 
  • Who has impacted you the most in your life? (your mother, a sibling, a dear friend, a celebrity)
  • I would have to my daughter. She seems to be the only one to have got through to me and helped me want to make massive changes to my life. 
  • Mac or PC?
  • Laptop. So PC.
  • Here is a corny one for you: If you were trapped on a deserted island, what would you bring with you?
  • Water, diving gear, my family for conversation. 
  • Were you involved in any extracurricular activities in school? If so, what were they?
  • Ha. I was to busy raving  at underground rave parties and experimenting with drugs. I was an ‘enfant terrible’ 
  • What is your profession?
  •  Senior trainer consultant( past)  Writer , mom and volunteer  for various mental health Charity groups (I am hoping this will lead to a paid job in this field) 
  • What is your favorite restaurant?
  • TGI’s I love their cocktails and food of course. Hahah
  • Do you have a favorite cooking show? If so, what is it?
  • I am partial to watching ‘Come dine with me’ on occasion but I it’s not for the food that I watch it. It is more for the characters that come onto the show and how they converse
  • Last question, what is your guilty pleasure food? 
  • Sushi. I can eat a whole country’s worth. I know it is healthy but I know once I start eating it I can’t stop snd that is so unhealthy. 
  • 11 questions anybody above ? 
  • What is your guilty food pleasure?
  • what was your favourite child hood game (doesn’t have to be a board game)
  • If you could rename yourself  what would you call yourself and why?
  • What was the last lie you told?
  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  • What historic event would you like to have been present at?
  • How would you start a conversation with a stranger?
  • What is the strangest thing you have eaten? 
  • what quality/qualities make a friend a keeper?
  • Is there a word that you love using all the time or/and a word you hate hearing or using?
  • If money was no option what would you do for your next birthday ?

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