“I had a dream…………………….” – Daisy in the Willows

Morning and evening all

Dreams are a subject  that always confuses me. Why? I can’t understand why sometimes I can go for months even years  without remembering any dreams and then all of sudden they renegade me with one or two per night.

What is the first dream I remember? When I was 5 years old I had this recurring dream that my Mom got eaten by a shark and I was trying to save her. I remember my Aunt lifting me out of the water telling me that she couldn’t be saved. This dream was on a loop for some time. At the the time life was stressful for us -moving around alot, So, I could put the dream down to stress …………….... OR

I could blame my cousin. Why?

Well, one night Mom went out and he was designated baby sitter. He had some girl with him and the movie ‘Jaws’ had just come out on videotape. I didn’t want to watch it but he forced me to. He was a bit of a meanie.  He used to call me peanut head! I don’t know how successful he was with his date that night but I’m hoping Karma had her wicked way with him and left him with blue balls- sorry cuz!

So back to dreams.  Dreams for me conjure up   vivid emotions  and feelings rather  than rely on visual details. My feelings and how I react in the dreams  are always the strongest  part of my dream that I remember.  Last nights dream I was torn between feeling secure and loved to being insecure and doubtful. In the dream my hubby-to-be was having secret conversations with a woman he knew (in the context of the dream) . I decided to confront the two and in typical evil psychotic clawing her  poisonous stubborn  talons in – This girl was trying to convince me that  my hubby was in fact in love ❤ with her and always would be. My other half was quiet when she spoke but in private he told me little except she was wrong and to trust him. The dream went back and forth between feeling betrayed and thinking the girl was telling some truth. Hubby then showed me a piece of torn paper and he said that she was trying to black mail him but those feelings of insecurity would not pass.

The night before that I dreamt about my Mom getting a new wool  jersey dress and she goaded me and told me to stop being so jealous and that she too was entitled to happiness. I wasn’t aware of my supposed jealous emotions until she changed tactics and told me she had that exact dress but a used one. Her dress  was new and never been washed with the label in tact. She invited me to try her new dress on. I kept on declining and then just to shut her up I conceded and tried on the dress. I put it on. Jiggled it on more like. I felt the tightness around my waist and then went into super panic mode when I couldn’t get it off. Mom was screaming at me to not stretch or ruin her dress.deviantart_the_corset_for_party_by_leonidas

How does this dream fit into the context of my everyday consciousness? I have been worried that I’ve put on weight around my middle and I have a wedding dress that I bought in 2014 for a knock off price that fits me like a glove. No room for breathing much. I need a straw to breathe out my nose  to be honest. That is why I have been killing myself with Jillian Michaels workouts. This lady is nuts=a beaster. Everytime I finish  doing her workout I swear to myself I will NOT  put myself through so much pain again. Today I’m contemplating doing another session. INSANITY! All this in a effort to look like a dream-like toned wedding bride belle for 22/06/2016.

The best dreams and most intense dreams were when I was a child. I loved flying dreams. It was so real. I could feel myself soaring through the sky – grazing over pine cone trees. I was energised, fast and it was like being on some crazy high with more than mild disappointment when I woke up. I still crave those dreams like a crack addict chasing that first hit  of blood vessel dilation and  a 47 second rush of blood brethrens  to the head .269003_pGtGPBTu  Falling dreams were intense– remember those?  I remember free falling unboundedly from  a great height. With a seemingly frog- like croak,  I could feel my heart in leap up into my  throat. I was going to  flounder and   land and smudge the ground with a body made of lead.  It was going to happen. The only thing that stopped that dream was I woke up. had I hit the ground? and it had jolted me back to consciousness . I don’t know but it was intense and an adrenaline rush. Terrifying but one I would invite back.

The craziest dreams I’ve had are the ones I swear I have been awake. One dream was when I was about 10 years old – in my bedroom, we kept the washing machine there. One night I woke up to the washing machine churning furiously. It wanted my attention. It was spinning around so fast I thought it would take off. I was paralysed. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t scream. I’ve had a few of these kind of dreams in my life and they do genuinely scare me because my eyes are open and I am awake!

Sex dreams are bit embarrassing right?  erm…. won’t go into that one unless asked – Hahahah..

Another dream I had eons ago was I heard  the phone ringing. I was too lazy to pick it up . It rang and rang and rang. Eventually, I picked up the receiver and I woke up with my hand stretched up and  out as if to hold a phone.  Strange surreal shit.

So anybody else have any dreams they  want to share? I have an odd feeling that me pouring my  sub- unconscious self  onto E-paper will start a cycle of more dreams. Wish me luck.

No more sex dreams please! I feel like converting to catholicism when I have one. Do you want to have a go analyzing your dreams? check out





5 thoughts on ““I had a dream…………………….” – Daisy in the Willows

  1. I enjoyed reading about your dreams. I always have such weird dreams but they usually have some tenuous connection to reality, just like you described. It’s really interesting stuff, why we dream.


  2. You had that dream of trying on your Moms dress because in my opinion you are very aware of trying to fit into your wedding dress that fits like a glove and your subconsious mind is aware of that when you go to sleep…..That is why you had that wierd dream of not being able to fit into your Mums dress……..:)


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