The courageous and happy post.

WOW! I’n having an amazing week so far!Oh-Happy-Day-Sign-2

Firstly, my beautiful Mother is finally back in the U.K. from her 2 week holiday in Miami. Not only did she get upgraded to business class on the way out but also on her return! How jealous am !? I have missed her so much and I know she has spoilt me and my daughter and hubby-to-be. 

 Secondly,I have finally got a date to get my bridge -work done on my teeth. So I will have an even brighter smile this Christmas, and my  fab dentist wants me to read and critique some  work that a friend of his has written about his life and different cultures and who lives in the U.S of A.  Why not? I can’t wait. Nice to be thought of in such a capacity. 

Thirdly, I finally got to  have a meeting  with the co-founder of a charity that I am hoping to do more  work with. I arrived early and I bumped into a lady I’m currently in contact with via another awesome charity. She took the time to tell me that her and another lady I have been working with, think I am -‘a true leader, I’m inspiring, articulate, I have great empathy and great presence.’  She is hooking me up with an advanced creative writing  specialist  in our locality to co produce some work. I’m so excited! 

I’m making connections and it feels so empowering to be in this position. I got across a few ideas I had for what I feel  is needed in my locality. I have hit another milestone  on my journey and I am getting to do some incredible work  Mental health charities. It doesn’t stop.There is a  close- to- my -heart group I and  yet another wonderful person are working together with, to   resurrect  this successful  and much needed support  group back  in my area. I will say that it is in regards to mental health issues and being a mother and not living with their child/ren for a multiple and variety of reasons. All the shit I go through is not in vain.  I would  not be in a position to offer my time to people who may benefit from it if it weren’t for my life story and shit .  My own work in the writing field is being looked at with integrity. I couldn’t ask for more. 

Have the courage that you can do it!

Have the courage that you can do it!

Last week I went to parents evening with my other half. My daughter is currently doing maths and literacy at 5/6 year old level. My daughter turned 4 yrs old this October. Apparently she is a social butterfly just like her great Nan and Great Grandma. I’m the total opposite- a recluse. I choose who gets to use my energy. Everyday  I am learning which people I won’t be likely to give much energy to any longer and which people I will. I’m learning to be kind to myself. 

We.. ahem… okay…..  my other half is re-decorating the whole house. He is such a good man. I can’t believe I finally get to marry my soul mate on 22/06/2016.

I’m getting to work creatively with people with the same kind of vision as myself. I’m am blessed and I am going to pat myself on the back. Nothing ventured , nothing gained right? 

I can’t wait until the end of the week. My beautiful bridesmaids and I are hooking up to discuss bridesmaids dresses and I get to  my dress taken out a bit. A bit of breathing space is needed.

I mostly write with a rather intensity that people may not always appreciate. I want people to see that I do have a balanced view and every so called negative thing that has happened in my life is being used for a greater purpose. One that will affect myself and hopefully others in a more creative and inspiring way.  On that note-  have an epic. awesome and grand week.   I know I say/write  it a lot- but ‘ always, always look for the silver lining….’ 

Figure it out with supportive people

Figure it out with supportive people

Here is a song that makes me happy – it is the song that I dedicated to my hubby-to -be  -He is my king ❤ 

Do you have a song that  makes you happy? Or even more than one?


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