How Recovery feels for an Anorexic

Possibly one  of the hardest posts to write down- ever. The one that I don’t want to put down into words for a fear of failure and nor giving my fight the justice I feel it deserves..  I need some form of a  creative out let, so I am going to go all Dear diary, I think I’m going to re-invigorate  our old diary by giving it a name.

Dear Sid,

From the years 2012  to  just before summer this year in 2015. I thought I had recovered from Chronic Anorexia. How fucking  arrogant is that?  I started eating more types of food and letting myself indulge a small bit. I got into exercising to be healthy. It was great I lived with a set weight that varied by 1-2 kilograms

Roll on to the present day…

Seemingly from out of nowhere those Anorexic thoughts have managed to take on Greek tragedy chorus effect.Telling me things I don’t particularly want to hear. It tells me that I have put an extra two kilos on and that is way over the limit. My mind can’t process this thought. The weight needs to go down. Some days I can shake off those critter thoughts in my head. This is great progress from a few years ago. If I had put on a couple of kilos back when I was entrenched in  in my illness, I would hide myself away from the world, purge and  restrict all food and fluid intake until my weight was in back in my safety zone. It feels like being stuck in a painting  with no room to move and evolve.

I have been challenging my thoughts for the past few months now and  for the most part they have been silenced.but then they  release a double whopper and it literally throws me into irrational thinking and  behaviour.  It grabs my  animated emotions  by the scruff of the neck and bullis me with my own negative emotions. Then I think I have ‘fooled’ myself into a body that I don’t know how to dress for. I wear proper bras these days, that make me feel self conscious and womanly. I am now forced to confront my true identity. This  is a a huge  mountain of ‘oh fucks’in itself.

These  past few weeks I have  wanted to scream and ask people to tell me if they think I am thin or average or chubby in places. I  have been thinking a lot about my food intake. I feel myself falling  down that spiral staircase into unhelpful thoughts and behaviour. I get angry when I say yes to food and ‘give in’, I weigh myself a lot, I am possessed with capturing my weight gain in images again.

Let me get something straight: I don’t want these thoughts. I don’t. I was so happy and then seemingly out of the blue the thoughts have been coming at me like arrows. One after the other. It seems like pot luck if I manage to escaped from one or another. Eventually, I  know I was going to get hit- in my case,repeatedly.

I have moved ahead in my life!

I said that to that Anorexic part of me. It still haunts me. I could dress in anything. I didn’t have to worry about size-all clothes would fit me and look ‘great’ on me. I was  nonconforming  to society. I was in the elite who had the willpower to restrain myself. I didn’t need pro- Anorexic websites. The power was all in my head. It reminds me how intoxicating  and almost euphoric that  feeling too surpass the hunger is. Then the adrenalin kicks and and I  get a kick out of that too. The figures go down on the scale and that drives me on even more. Then the food cuts down. Drinking water turns to drinking coffee or Pepsi max. Chewing large quantities  of chewing gum.

I communicate less and less with my world until I am genuinely  scared to go out. People begin to terrify me.  They might talk me back into recovery to stop me from relapsing. I can only see a merging of people. A black unfocused mass. The mass becomes a force conspiring against me. The panic attacks start. The hissy fits and pouts begin. Excessive exercise takes over more of my time and I push myself to go until, I literally pass out

RECOVERY from an eating disordered goes in cycles and not in a linear way. It is very easy to relapse.

I don’t want to relapse. I want to enjoy time with my family. Eat what I damn well like and without shame and guilt. I want the anxiety and depression to go. I want to embrace my womanly curves. I want the next 30 odd years of my life to not be held at knife point by  a merciless pirate whose only aim is in collecting things. I am not a thing! I a person.

I suppose this is where I start talking to people, using my WRAP and getting my plan out to challenge my thoughts. Even thinking about going to war over fighting my thoughts has brought on feelings of betrayal. Something- a whole identity- a person-almost- has been in my life for nearly 25 years. A whole quarter of a century.

Not an easy post..  but  it is out of my head and on paper. The one thing I have to remind myself is it doesn’t matter if other people read this or not. It is the fact that I am articulating my pain and my issues in a way that releases some of the pressure..

So Sid.. thanks for being a good diary. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!





14 thoughts on “How Recovery feels for an Anorexic

  1. Still love you girl. Keep fighting the good fight. One day you might wake up and discover that you had forgotten that you were in a fight and that you feel just fine. Beware of that day, and get on with your new life. I hope this isn’t just crappy bumper sticker stuff. I mean for you to be well and to stay well. I want to read your other stuff too, especially the other stuff, the stuff that is the you of you. That should keep you on course. Hope it helps. Hugs.

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  2. Hugs! The most powerful and incisive part of this post comes at the end:
    “Not an easy post.. but it is out of my head and on paper. The one thing I have to remind myself is it doesn’t matter if other people read this or not. It is the fact that I am articulating my pain and my issues in a way that releases some of the pressure..
    So Sid.. thanks for being a good diary. You are doing a great job. Keep it up”
    Hugs! ❤ ❤


    • 🤗 I wrote it two years ago, and my reason for reblogging it, shows that our mental health can go and down. In fact it does. It’s never easy putting myself out there.its not because I don’t care what people think 😂, I do. I care more about this subject than me being accepted or not. If that makes sense. We all have our problems. I worry for those who deny that they have any issues. Thanks for reading xx catch up as soon as I can 🤗🤗😘


  3. Reblogged this on Daisy in the Willows and commented:

    Not an easy post.. but it is out of my head and on paper. The one thing I have to remind myself is it doesn’t matter if other people read this or not. It is the fact that I am articulating my pain and my issues in a way that releases some of the pressure..


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  5. When I was 12, I started eating half of what I felt I needed. I felt that I was lithe and happy but soon ran out of energy. I couldn’t understand. I had found the secret to life, eating very little, and it wasn’t working. I went back to eating too much. I knew it was too much because I would keep eating after my stomach said, full. I never really packed on weight til years later medicated and weight gain through meds side effects. Now I’m on natural medicines, and the weight fell off. My eating evolved. Often I don’t think much about food, although I notice hunger. I prayed one time (I don’t know why) to be able to go without food because I thought all the greats had done so…a three-day fast time made me very sick for 10 hours–a little food was involved. I felt giddy in the three-day fast, found places in my head I had never been. It felt so good. I wondered if I ever wanted to eat again. Good luck with the anorexia. I don’t know if it’s a mental illness like my schizophrenia. I enjoyed reading your post.

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  6. A relapse is only a relapse. It sucks, but if you’ve taken three steps forward and then go back one step, you’re still ahead of what you used to be. Just don’t think taking one step backwards means you can’t stop. I don’t really know you, Daisy, but from what I’ve read on your blog I’ve gained the impression of a really lovely, strong woman. Anorexia doesn’t deserve you anymore than you deserve anorexia.


    • Thank you Laura. I’ve heard of a lot of people telling me I am a strong woman lately in all different context not just in my eating disorder issues, and it re-affirms I must carry on forging forward. Like you say relapses don’t count if you can challenge your thoughts and pick yourself up again.The most important thing is I haven’t relapsed and the thoughts are just that thoughts. Thank you for your support 🙂

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