All about you…

I’ve always been a fanatic about quizzes and tests. There is such an influx of quizzes available on social media websites.  I am  more a a fan of the psychology ones but I don’t mind doing a few silly ones when I have nothing better to do. I’ve decided to set up  a weekly quiz/test page. I’m going to spend some time researching the best quiz/tests I can find.


I love to find out more about myself and others. I know a lot of people who like to know more about themselves too. I don’t want to do ‘duh’ quizzes. I will be looking for something with a bit more pizazz and more in-depth meanings. I’m a still waters kind of girl  and all that jazz..

I remember as a kid, I was obsessed with star signs, so much so, I wouldn’t go out with a guy or make a friend of someone who didn’t gel with my sign. These days I’m  not so bothered about the zodiac. I am marrying an Aquarius which is such a mismatch to my Scorpio star sign. Saying that, I do think a proper zodiac calculated where the stars and elements and planets were aligned,  at your precise  moment of birth can be quite insightful but it is a guidance tool. Not fate!

I did do this really cool ‘Greek goddess’ quiz a while back. It was  rather in depth. The thing with this quiz is is is aimed at women. I am a woman and most of the people who I chat to on my blog are women. So, unless an Alpha male is incredibly offended with this, I think it will be safe  for me to just get on with the it.

So the first one is a basic personality test.

I’ve searched the web and found this awesome personality test I did years ago. I  found it rather insightful and scarily accurate. I have bravely put up my shameful drawing. You don’t have to be an artist as my drawing shows. Try to do the drawing without any influences or distractions. I have inserted my picture at the end of the post so I don’t influence anyone. I have been known to be a bad influence. just sort of kidding.

Instructions:  get a blank piece of paper/surface/ tablet…you get my drift.

Draw a sun

Draw a river

Draw a tree

Draw a snake

Draw a house


Interpretation time. YAY!

 The tree represents the relationship you have with your mother. So, if you draw a large tree, it means you idolize your mother/ look up on her. On the contrary, a tree that is levelled with the house means that you treat your mother as a close mate.

 The house is you. Open windows and doors mean that you are open to the outside world while the opposite (closed) implies that you are not ready to accept everything ‘unknown’ or ‘new. The design of the house, on the other hand, signifies your simplicity. The more complex the drawing is, the more complex you are.

The sun is your father. The distance of the sun respective of the house implies how close you are with him. A rising sun or a sun that is partly hidden behind a bunch of clouds means that you are not very open with each other. If you draw sunglasses, funky eyes, nose, smiling mouth etc. on the sun, perhaps your father is a fun and jolly person.

The river represents your friends. If it runs long and wide, you have a very rich library of friends. Again, the distance of the river with the house (you) determines your closeness with your friends.

The snake is your hardships and problems. If you put it away, that means the problems are far from you. If you put it on the house, the problem is in you; on the tree, in your mother; and so on…

So it looks like I look down on my Mom.. .that sucks. We are more mates that mother and daughter and I can be super bossy with her so maybe that’s why  the tree is smaller. The tree is touching the house so it does show that we are close. I don’t know what the apples are meant to mean. Maybe they mean I think she is glamorous or scrumptious.

My house has blinds and open curtains. A door , a gate and a hammock. I guess I am as complex as I want to be. I do like to chill out and I do tend to dip out into the world every now and again but I make sure that I can get back in as quickly as I need to.

the sun /my dad is far away from me- He lives in South Afria and we are emotionally distant too but he does have a naughty sense of humour and is well liked.

The friends one is a toughie. I get close to friends very quickly but I tend to let them go with the flow and  do their own thing for a while and I do mine  and then re connect like we there has been  no gaps in seeing  seen each other

I know this snake well. -it is my eating disorder.

Anyone want to share their drawings and interpretations?



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