Why I am not giving up blogging

Whatever I feel or like or want to doing in life,

there seems to be a million people who want the same thing!

How dare they?

Here’s my big secret. I write for myself but I want people to like what I write too!

It would be too easy for me to give up now but then I look back to September 2015. The time I started my blog and I remember  squealing with excitement when a single person connected with what I had to write.

I’ve been putting off writing because I don’t know what to write and then I realise, I  don’t know what to write because I am not writing for me. Writing for me, is getting shit out of my head into the written form. That is what keeps me stable along with my meds and supportive family and friends of course. cheesy grin

This post is my statement to the world. The energy I am putting out there. I persevere!

If you want something and to be good at it. Hard work and reflection is needed.

What or where are you going wrong? posts too long? too short? layout?  It is not my writing that is crap. My writing can never be worthless because it means something to me; and if one person can like that and connect or comment on anything I have posted or do post in the future. I will hold on to that and use it to carry on going.

I didn’t want to write this post but I have and that’s it…

Daisy does not give up!

If you too doubt your writing or anything you do. Don’t give up-  carry on in the dark.

Platos dark cave allegory perfectly sums up my  post. check out this cool animated short clip to explain it.


WOW, philosophy is actually helping me.  Half glass full thinking.

I’m a rookie I’m learning…

Don’t stop doing what you love!


5 thoughts on “Why I am not giving up blogging

  1. Yes. Carrying on in the dark is so much a theme right now! It’s always darkest right before the dawn – can’t remember where I read that quotation but it helps me.
    You’ve inspired me for a post I’d like to write. It’s come from the idea you express. Would it be okay for me to link to this post in my blog crediting you?xx

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  2. I love reading your posts because they’re so honest, and I relate to so many things you write. I’m glad if you keep it up. I think with blogging it’s a lot about finding the right readers, the ones who are interested in what you’re offering.

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