Alcohol’s effect on your brain

I think this is such a powerful post. Alcohol is just as damaging as any other legal or illegal drugs you can buy. It is quite scary what happens to the after one drink.

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I have memory lapses from my first few weeks of being sober. So, it’s not hard to imagine that drinking took a toll on my brain. I haven’t had a drink in 20 years … I like to think that I stopped before I did too much damage. But, I can’t be sure.

Yes, I know about the reported health benefits of certain types of alcohol. I am not against drinking. I am just against alcoholics like me drinking.  Alcohol equals fun and celebration for most, but for me it acted like a poison. Large quantities of booze can affect the mind. If you are not an alcoholic, some basic information will help you decide how much is appropriate for you. If you do have a drinking problem, then you mostly likely know that you can’t have any alcohol (at least without suffering consequences).

Alcoholism - how it works The “how stuff works” website has a good article with additional information

This information was…

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