Aaaaah I have been waiting for this day for two weeks. DATE NIGHT! -My little cherub as lovely and loveable as she is, is going to spend the night with her Bam Bam ( Gran). 

So what are we going to do? Have a night of decadent rock and roll? 

Off to the pub? to a shit hot club? off to meet up with friends? 

Nope, we are going to do what we do pretty much every date night, wait for Bam Bam to pick up our little precious jewel and then jump back into bed and watch movies. We are currently half way through ‘American Horror story’ season 5. 

We get to be Homer Simpson for one night! 

It’s awesome. So the rules are pyjamas, munchies, cuddling up, laughing at our silly witticisms.  

Have a magic Saturday/weekend. 


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