The post with this title (pure laziness)

What can I say/ I got my hair done and for once it didn’t rain – Small miracles and all that. I got a  bit of a fright  just before walking into the hair dressers. A police dude was opening a square shaped box wrapped in a black garbage bag. I was like- screw this shit. We are all going to get bombed! 

Turns out it was a block of polystyrene foam. Heart stops pounding. I love my colour and I feel like  da bomb :D.  I got home no kitchen light. I’ve eaten far too much and I feel mega ill . Feeling very sorry for myself. Screw the scales. I can’t be bothered with the torment. 

I feel like I need a quote………

‘Daisy eat slower’ 

That’s it. 

Oh wait -a picture is needed ….. google google google


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