Where have all the bloggers I follow gone to?

Where have all the blogs I follow gone to? I assumed  that on word reader every time  a new post is written by a blog website I follow, it  pops up on word reader/feeder. I will be notified or it will come on Word reader? I’m going through my following list and a few of the blogs I follow have disappeared and a notification comes up on the page that ‘this website has not been updated recently- Look at DISCOVER’  ( there is no time scale of what recent means in the blogging world). HELP!  

Am I to assume that these people don’t blog any more? do I  unfollow them? I enjoy reading a diverse range of of topics and as much as I love most of the posts I see and like and follow,  everyday on word reader ,I also want to read the other posts I follow!

Is there another word reader type place I can go to without having to go into ‘manage’ section’ every time I want to keep track of a blog? Is there a bigger platform I don’t know about. I know about twitter etc. even though twitter can be a mine field. I’m spending most of today ‘managing’ the blogs I follow.  Any comments and advice is needed and very welcome.  

I will be posting an update on this post once I’ve ‘managed’ the list of blogs I follow.


12 thoughts on “Where have all the bloggers I follow gone to?”

    1. I’m still going through my blogs I think word press could try and notify us if someone hasn’t blogged for a period of time and give us the option to follow or not. I think we should report it-There a lot of new bloggers who need just as much support as the older bloggers

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  1. On my Android reader, some blogs don’t show up if I don’t check it periodically. This wasn’t a problem until recently; the only way I know if someone posted is if I get an email notification from an individual blog 😦


    1. Well I’ve spent most of the day doing it. Need to finish up by this afternoon as well as blog what I need to blog. Glad I’m not the only one. I will have an updated post once I’ve finished reading posts of all the people I follow. 😀


  2. I think I’m having the same trouble as you.
    Not all the new posts from blogs I follow appear in Reader.
    One of the ways to find these other posts is to trawl through my Junk email folder, for that is where they are.
    But it is so time-consuming!

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