I’ve been on Facebook and twitter this morning and came across this status update

“How can a Utopian exist in a Dystopia ?”

( author of source has rights to privacy without breeching any rights/ plagiarism)

My answer:

“It can only exist for the minority and the ones at the top. One great way the elite create an illusion of Utopia is by conditioning.”

Daisy Willows

I get mentioned in a comment with this reply- from the author of the status update

“Maybe I have conjured up a perfect paradise in my mind. A place where there is love peace and happiness. A place where everyone works towards the betterment of everyone else. A place where people go out of there way to help and support each other. An environment where laws are just and true.

A place where truth, honour and justice is aspired by all.

A world where equality, brotherhood/sisterhood and fraternity is second nature.

A place where war and the wholesale slaughter and genocide is abhorrent and inconceivable to all the inhabitants of Utopia. T

he Utopian being born in this ideological setting then wakes up one day to find himself or herself trapped inside this present reality of modern day existenc”

I think: what an idealist- how can I respond ? My Brain is doing overtime.

maxresdefault (1)

 I respond

“That place in your mind is a place in my mind of what I think would be the ‘perfect’ society. I don’t know why we need to suffer and why suffering continues to go on mercilessly.

I see so many FB posts of quotes about wanting to wake people up to what the governments of our world do, how we are slaves , To stand up and unite against all the injustice, the crime of pain . I have got bored of these posts for what is enlightenment without action?

I take small steps to not be so influenced by a world of decay and diseased minds and I am not talking about people with MH issues. We have been conditioned to be ignorant for so long that it has become an automatic default- we go to ignorance because it is exhausting to challenge our perceptions.

I still do it.

If this world we want existed how would we know we are happy ? Does suffering and evil have to be a package deal to experience or wish for something better? I don’t know the answer”

Daisy Willows

What do I think when I re- read these comments? is, what do we as a society symbolise ‘Freedom’ with?

If  you  can picture the generous extension of France’s  ‘Statue of Liberty’ gift to symbolise the centenary of the American war of independence and a symbol of the solidarity of  French and the American friendship?



The burning torch is the  ultimate emblem of freedom. When I look at this statue and go back to  all I have read about it’s true meaning. I see a darkness. I see lies. I see people thinking they are walking around with freedom, to be who they were born to be.

I’m trying to come across as really clever here :D, I studied ‘myth in the Greek and Roman worlds’ in Uni as one of my 30 credit  modules. This symbol of fire goes back to Archaic times.

The myth of Prometheus – the Titan who made humans out of clay.

The Titan who went against the Gods  and tricked  them.

As punishment the Gods took fire away from the humans and he stole it back and gave it back to the humans. .  In occult terms ,Prometheus would be associated with the name ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’.


He betrayed the Gods and tempted  to elevate humans to God-like status (in the context) of knowledge and free will. I use the term Satan and Lucifer in a metaphorical/philosophical  way. He is the symbol of betrayal.

 Helena Blavatsky explains in her classic occult work, The Secret Doctrine volume 2 (page 244) that, “The allegory of Prometheus, who steals the divine fire as to allow men to proceed consciously on the path of spiritual evolution, thus transforming the most perfect of animals on Earth into a potential god, and making him free to take the kingdom of heaven by violence.

Hence also, the curse pronounced by Zeus against Prometheus, and by Jehovah against his ‘rebellious son,’ Satan.”

I’m don’t wan’t this post to get too complicated.Here is a summary of my opinion of  the duplicitous meanings of symbols of Freedom.

Freemasons/Illuminati  – members, know the power of using   symbols  in business and in governments, to manipulate events so that  these events go in favour for the select few. Guess who?

Read these quotes by Adam Weishaupt founder of the Illuminati  ( he later said that he didn’t mean what he said)

“There must not a single purpose ever come in sight that is ambiguous, and that may betray our aims against religion and the state. One must speak sometimes one way and sometimes another, but so as never to contradict ourselves, and so that, with respect to our true way of thinking, we may be impenetrable.”

“This can be done in no other way but by secret associations, which will by degrees, and in silence, possess themselves of the government of the States, and make use of those means for this purpose.”

“The Order will, for its own sake, and therefore certainly, place every man in that situation in which he can be most effective. The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. Every member therefore becomes a ruler.”



Us  commoners are told that knowledge is power – yet they hide a large portion of that knowledge from us.

We are told:

Freedom is being able to vote democratically.

Freedom is wealth.

Wealth = happiness.

They don’t reveal how they use these symbols to condition us to thinking we are happy and successful.  We are mere slaves and help a very small elite portion of the worlds population live,in an almost utopian life, of their making, creating a dystopia  for the rest of us.

Most of us don’t know we are anything but free.


Think back to the decade before the roaring 20’s.

Victorian times – solemn ,sombre, emotions in check  moderation, void of emotion.

images (1)

Then, BOOM! The age of decadence arrives.



Diamonds become ‘A girls best friend’-worn by all the stars in Hollywood –

The film industry tells them  to wear diamonds.  Advertise them.

The message:  If you love me -you will buy me a diamond because diamonds = wealth and success which makes me feel happy and  loved.

When I am happy and loved I am truly free.  There is nothing wrong with this statement

This was a well thought out and executed propaganda . The problem with the above statement is we still believe freedom comes from external things. Cast your mind to the slaves mining for diamonds under the watchful eye of the corrupt Congolese Dictatorship . Not so Utopian and free for all after all ?


Another symbol comes to mind when I think of Freedom. The dove.  Here is a bit of information for you – ever heard of the term Augury?

The definition of augury is the practice of clairvoyancy by a prophet or oracle, or is a sign or harbinger of things to happen in the future.

  1. An example of augury is a priest explaining a divine act.

  2. An example of an augury might be the flight patterns of birds.


Remember knowledge is power.  What greater power is their than predicting the future? There is no mystical bullshit – governments and  people who have their own interests at heart, use the symbol of a Dove to  signal that the future holds peace and love.

The dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind. The dove’s singing is most prevalent when the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thought to be at their thinnest – first thing in the morning and last thing at night – again representing a link between two divergent domains.

It is a Aldous Huxley -brave new world, brain washing, narcotic to numb us.

Subdue us.

All is well with the world.

It isn’t.

I could go on and on so I will summarise what I have learnt about these symbols of freedom.

In my opinion,

True freedom can only be found within oneself. So far the best answer to coming up with a solution to this problem, is denounce all modern society and live in Nature and become self sufficient and independent.  I don’t see many people willing to give up their mobile phones, flashy cars, collection of fine wines , burn up a bunch of millions of dollars to live a life of true freedom.

A snake has the power to kill yet it can be’ hypnotised’ by a snake charmer…

Does a snake have ears? can it even hear music?

A snake has eyes and responds to what it sees.

What do you see and feel  when you see the word FREEDOM?





8 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Wow! Excellent treatise on freedom. However, in the end you hit it on the head. Freedom within is the source from which all freedom flows without. Utopia, is a state of spirit and is self actuated. The elite are one step away from a freedom they will never have. In their symbols lie the key – they are built of physical, illusory stuff. The real utopia is not built of such, but rather all such things are built from it.

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    • Glad you liked it. I thought I had kind of gone off the topic a bit but researching for the post was like being in Aladdin’s cave- one jewel of information after the next. True what you say about the elite. One persons Utopia is another Dystopia.hope you are having a good weekend. 🙂


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