Inspiration: Let go of your wildhorses

Emotions can be likened to  wild horses. You may feel unable to control them. You  may think that you have to experience them. Who wants to live governed by your emotions? It is like allowing yourself under the tyranny of the ’emotion king’

Don’t try to run from them or suppress them, acknowledge them for what they are. Don’t feel ashamed or guilty for having emotions, then allow your emotions pass through you like a gentle breeze that moves the trees and leaves.

 REMEMBER: You are the one who gives your emotions the power .And you alone give them the permission to change the way you behave.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration: Let go of your wildhorses

    • Thank you Rakesh. It’s always worth remembering we can so easily give power away over our emotions. It takes a lot of practice to control how we let our emotions affect our behaviour. On going life long practice

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