Start with doubting.

“The beginning of wisdom is often found in doubting;by doubting we come to the question;and by seeking we may come upon the truth” -Pierre Abelard (1079_-1142

This one is for all the doubters. I’m doubting my ability today as a credible blogger! Yeah there are so many more important things to worry about so that is why I found a quote to quiet my mind.

I can only write as I see things. Sometimes my opinions may change and sometimes they won’t. Not everybody will get all of mine or your posts.  In my last post I tried to mix humour with Religion, ash, symbolism and a personal story.  I really doubted my work but we have to try different styles and think out side of our comfort zones.

I doubted it was worth posting but the quote put everything into perspective.

Never give up and always believe in your self. 🙂  #Mentalnotetoself.


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