The Sad Reflection, a poem by Drem

Not a massive follower of poetry blogs . I find them pretty abstract and hard to understand but since I have been following Drem. There is hardly a poetry post that I don’t like . I love this one hence the *REBLOG*


(Excerpt)”…In the silver your eyelids are sewn open with gold threads and needles so what you’ve done plays over and over on black and white film…”

I do remember having a dream about being in a maze. And I was all around the corners. And I hated what I saw.

The Sad Reflection, a poem by Drem

June 18, 2010. Rewritten March 20, 2016.

The image you find,

though foggy it may be,

on every hedge in the maze

is you.

You see.

The reflection that’s there

blows and pushes your rage

towards your target

a figment

of yourself

in the bushes.

Upon this mirror in play.

You bounce back up,

like a hiccup,

on to yourself

when you try to touch or punch

your twin through the haze.

She’s the victim

of your own mutilation

during high days

of your pandemonium

when only you, the orange bottles


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