Never give up! from Daisy

We hear this all the time, don’t we?

I’ve heard it from so many over the years that it has become part of my default ways of coping. How ever I put this post it will come across as if I am gloating. I guess a  way around that is to say

“well somebody has to pat me on the back”

So, I will go ahead with that in mind. When I started blogging way back in September. I had no idea the response if any I would get from people.


I got likes from Face book and Twitter which I am grateful for.  It was when I started getting Word Press supporters when my mouth dropped open wide; since I was concentrating most of my time on Word press.

Last year I ended up with a solid number of followers.  I couldn’t quite believe it. Since January that figure has doubled.

I’m not going to give you exact figures because that in my mind narrows you down to a number and you are not a number. I never thought people would communicate with me on my blog but people do. I’m proud of my achievements and humbled and in awe and  in disbelief at times.


I didn’t just get “lucky” as my partner points out.

This is how I think I have achieved what I have achieved in such a short space of time.

  • Be consistent.

  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality. If you swear, do it.

  • Don’t worry what people think about your life experiences – a lot of people have some hectic life experiences themselves

  • Take an interest in other peoples blogs/loves

  • Acknowledge others. Interact with them -no matter how small the comment.

  • Don’t beat yourself up that you don’t have hundreds and thousands of bloggers. Remember how you started. In my case with O. It is a good base and you can build on that.

  • Be diverse- follow many different themes and type of blogs. For example, I’m not a huge fan on poetry but I have found a few blogs whose poetry  speaks to me.

  • Put yourself out there. Tell people you have a blog if you don’t mind your blog being out their and people knowing the face behind it.

  • We can’t always have every blog post that get loads of likes. People have lives to live, not everyone is well enough to read loads of blogs or  be able to read or post daily. It is not a failure on your part. In fact, it probably has everything to do with what another person is experiencing than a personal  attack on your post.

  • Be happy and connect when people get your  post . Jump up and scream with excitement.

  • The more you grow as a person and the more interests you find – put them in your blog but make it personal to you.

  • Praise people who are successful. Don’t harbour envy. It is hard but that person works hard. Learn from them

  • Don’t get a big head :that 0 figure that youvstart with and can add to can easily be subtracted from too

  • Don’t be afraid to take on challenges to broaden your interests and increase your writing prowess

  • Think of time as an ally.It is a chance to experiment with your blog and get creative.

  • The last one – don’t give up. No great blog ever succeeded because they  bloggged for xyz months and then gave up.  It takes time to build connections and relationships and confidence.




58 thoughts on “Never give up! from Daisy

    • Hazy Daisy! You have been quiet. Thank you for the massive Congrats. Man, I did that post a while back and it kind of got a revival. I’m kind of impressed with what I advised . ha ha! I was like did I write that or did some thing possess me? Check me out having all the common sense. I’s not a role I am used to in that format so happy to help. Hope all is well ? xx hugs right back

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      • Thank you lovely! Sorry for the late response, I’ve only just come back on here. Having on/off days, think I’m going to slowly return here, won’t rush it though 😦 You do have some useful advice indeed! Thank you for sharing. Hope you are ok lovely xx

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  2. Facebook likes and growth is a fickly (and for me meaningless). NOw, here in Blogworld, it is a much different thing. With bloggers having so many options and other bloggers to read, every like and comment mean so much more. While I am writing this comment, I am taking time out to respond to you, time that I could have been reading another blogger. Knowing that fact, I appreciate every like and comment. And I usually thank every one who drops by to read my work. You have accomplished something that is not easy. Having a good following means having a good comnsistent message that people want to hear. From the things I have read in your posts, I would say you do that consistently. Congrats and keep the good posts coming.

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    • I feel the same about face book likes -We are n the same page. We get to choose the content and which blog to read- it’s an active choice. Facebook friends can like a page and forget about it – twitter I haven’t sussed out everything about it yet but it seems like a highly competitive social media website. There are so many other social media websites but for the time being I stick to WordPress. I have a look at other social media but I would rather master one thing at a time. Thanks for th encouragement. I could say the same about your blog and posts. Oh wait I just did 😀 😀

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    • Hi Miriam.. just a little advice from a newbie ha ha. thanks for commenting. I love blogging – hope you are having a great day. two days until the weekend -woop! woop!- not doing much but hey? 😉


      • Hey Daisy, yep closer to the weekend is always good. I’m going to a party on Sat night. It’s called 139. And it’s a combined celebration of our neighbors birthdays. The parents are both turning 50, their daughter is turning 21 and their son turns 18. They’re Spanish and having a huge Flamenco dance party. I can’t wait! Hope you have a great weekend too 🙂

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    • Hiya Susie – thanks for the kind words. It’s just things that I do and I thought well it is pretty straight forward but it seems to work for me and so I can’t see know reason it shouldn’t work for other people. In life there are givers and takers. I took a lot in my life – These days I’m more of a giver xx like the quote btw

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  3. This is great advice. I am following it and very surprised of the positive feedback. It’s a process like anything else.

    I was reluctant to post erotica on here due to perception but was encouraged. I was amazed on the feedback. This has become a enjoyable journey and not worried about the “number” of likes or followers. It will come in time.

    I definitely have more confidence now in my writing. I love your little challenges and way of getting people interacting btw. It is something that makes you stand out from the rest 🙂


    • You are absolutely right.It is a process. We need to take risks sometimes they work and soemtimes they don’t -I think the fact you write from your heart is the most important part. We all have a different style of writing and some people will get it and others not but focus on the positives.

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