Animals -a-z challenge Preparation post

The A-Z challenge starts tomorrow!

Oh zeeeeeeeeeeee excitement. I’m probably going  to have to put a pause on my ‘Beliefs’ posts, which in a way ,I’m actually dreading because I love being silly and writing comically.

I’m going to warn you now. My theme is animals. I’ve always been more compassionate to animals than most humans.I don’t know what it is that connects me to our earthling friends. Singing

“I like big cats and I cannot lie…”

This may sound bordering on psychopathic tendencies but I think the connection was made when I was about 3/4 years old. I was playing ‘my little pony’ in my bedroom – remember them?

Our kitten came into my bedroom. For some reason there was a piece of string  on  the floor and for some evil reason I I tied the string around my kitten’s neck and it was too short so I nearly hung my kitten but as soon as I saw it struggling I untied it and burst into to tears. I’m not evil. Kids do experiment.

The next 26 days in April bar Sundays is my animal theme. It’s not funny, it is going to be horrific, I expect many of you may not even read the posts because you can’t bear to listen or read or see an animal suffering or abused.

Don’t turn your eyes away from something because it upsets you. I expect to learn a lot. I hope you will take the time to  raise your own awareness to all our earthling friends. Be brave enough to take the time to read what abuse/disrespect  so many have been through.

Oh and please support me 🙂

I’m their voice for the month of April. I’m going into serious mode. If anyone has read  my  A ‘DAISY IN THE WILLOWS’ WELCOME  You will already know my views on animals.

“I  love cats and all our earthling friends. I have  nearly had massive fistie cuffs with people about my passion for animals.  I’m not trying to sell anything. Rest at ease, soldier.”

Daisy Willows

 I can laugh at religion some people can’t. I can’t laugh or ignore  animal abuse and neglect -some people can.

It’s a good job we are all different hey?


12 thoughts on “Animals -a-z challenge Preparation post

  1. Now I’m worried. Please don’t go all Sunday on me. I hope beyond hope that my influence has not led you to give it any credence. That is one of the things I really liked about you, non-religious, and I know there is no reason but religious ones to give any attention to Sunday. Anyway, that’s my piece. Over and out.


  2. I love all animals too, I have such a soft heart for them. I do not do well with any abuse to animals, it breaks my heart into a million pieces, so reading about it, is going to be hard. I wish you all the best though for sure. x

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  3. That’s a great theme. I am the same way about animals. I cannot laugh off animal abuse, and although reading about abuse upsets me deeply, I realise we must know. Only when we know, can we act, and spread awareness. Thanks and good luck!

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