Patience! when do I want it? Now!

“Life doesn’t have any hands, but it can sure give you a slap sometimes.”- unknown        #FollowGreatFootsteps


I literally woke up two hours later than I should have. Yes, it’ s the weekend but I have a blogging ritual that puts me in a crappy mood if it isn’t fulfilled

Kids grow up quickly , any one noticed? ,

That has been a huge slap across the face lately, from a little baby who was just bigger than the palm of my hand  has now  grow into mine like Gozilla- who can do things independently – it’s like  having a deceptively cute monster . I want to shout

” Stop growing or else…… you will grow up and that sucks and then you will blame me for all your problems”  –I’ve been through years of therapy and I have just got my shit together.

Everyone is saying how quick my wedding day will go. That I won’t remember it. I know I’m on medication that can make me less alert  but what was up with all of you on your wedding day?

Were you like shit faced drunk? Ha! Ha!

I’ve realised my friends have little faith in me.

When in all earnest, I declared that  I will find a way  to stagger time until  and on the wedding day.

I got  great big chortles peppered with words of


How cheeky is that?


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