That moment when you get a meme :D

Finally got round   to watching Leonardo Di caprio in ‘ The Revenant’ –

Finally get the featured image meme I posted  😀

I think he deserved the award…. three hours of not getting any kind of break except bones breaking, heart breaking and a lot of army style crawling ,oh and sleeping in a a horse to fend off the cold.

Method acting at it’s best. I mean if they wanted Leo to shut up for the entire movie they could have given him a heads up oh I don’t know say….. the Titanic era.

The Oscar nominee award/mafia  committee have pretty high standards and criteria,

best quote of the very few lines he had


now enough with the memes. 😀




8 thoughts on “That moment when you get a meme :D

      • Lol. Sounds like my type of film. I was pleased to hear Leo won as well. He’s got quite a few excellent films under his belt now, it seemed he deserved it. Well & truly redeemed himself after the nightmare that was Titanic! xx

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      • Totally agree. He so talented and I am not just saying that because he is rather fit.
        I’M NOT! HAa ha
        He takes on some pretty challenging roles. loved catch me if you can, the wolf of wall street, inception, shutter island, thereis not a movie he has been in I don’t like even the Titanic 😀 😀

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