Dolphin- king of of the fish


Dolphins are highly sensitive and intelligent. They have a tighter family bond than the Mafia. They do not act like the Mafia. They are kind and sensitive and social and affectionate beings.


I’m going to bring your attention to a fascinating documentary called ‘the cove’ by Louis Psihoyos- you can watch the trailer here    -Open your eye and ears. You do not want to miss this.


When I think of dolphins I think of happiness.

I think of how many of them have saved humans lives in the ocean against shark attacks.

I think of pregnant mothers chilling out with them and dolphins instinctively knowing that these women are pregnant.

The most vivid image that comes to my mind is seeing from my balcony, in South Africa, dolphins leaping out of the water -together, dancing to the oceans very heartbeat.


This documentary exposes a tradition that the Japanese follow to lure hundreds of dolphins into a trap to sell them off for the entertainment  industry – think Sea world- and for the the rest of the dolphins they are massacred for their meat.

The pro tradition Dolphin butchers have done everything in their power to censor the Japanese people from seeing this documentary.  I think if the Japanese people knew how the Dolphin meat they eat ,is brought to their plates, they would be horrified.

This documentary also exposed toxic levels of mercury in animals  that Japanese feed themselves and their children regularly.

In some cases the levels of mercury are 1,600 times the allowed quantities in meat for human consumption.

The consumption of mercury in the quantities that exist in whale and dolphin meat can impair immune response and cause neurological damage leading to loss of coordination, vision, hearing and can produce mental retardation, especially in the young

.The fatty tissues of dolphins and whales contain extremely high levels of PCBs, chemicals associated with the “estrogen effect”.

In effect these chemicals mimic the female hormone estrogen and may cause a feminizing effect in those who consume this meat. In women this may lead to increases in breast cancer. In men it may lead to enlargement of breasts.

What Psihoyas has to say about his award winning  documentary

  •  More People around the world are aware of this inhumane tradition,but he believes the reason why most Japanese people have not stopped eating dolphin meat is because there are not enough of them who are aware of this sick tradition

  • Mercury is killing people.

  • Some have accused his documentary of being ‘Anti  Japanese’. he argues that this is bullshit(My words)  – yes, Americans use dolphins for entertainment but they don’t slaughter them and eat them.


  • Most Dolphin meat is labelled as whale meat. Pregnant Japanese women are encouraged by ‘Japanese Minister of Health, labour and welfare in 2005, to eat bottle nose dolphin.

  • Boycotts were made by people paid by the Japanese Mafia, on small Japanese theatres showing the documentary . Censorship / Boycotting does not create awareness. It creates fear.

  • He believes that the  people who watch his documentary will stop going to watch dolphin shows. The educational benefits will show children and adults that the only way to see Dolphins is in the wild. To watch them do tricks in a large swimming pool is like watching a person  in a prison cell who is waiting for his date to come up to walk ‘the green mile’ on death row.



  • Sea world have fired 350 staff off the back of this documentary. Not because of the malpractice but because of the “bad”  publicity in the media raised when a member of staff was killed by  an Orca  –


  • In 2011 the mayor of the island of Taiji said that the Dolphin hunting industry had lost up to $7 million. boo hoo!

  • We are now in the year  2016. The hunts still happen. More dolphin are being caught for entertainment purposes. Dolphins are like humans -they live with their family. If a dolphin is separated from it’s family it will grieve.


The release of bottlenose dolphins in the first month of the season is a scheme by JAZA to try to separate the dolphin slaughter from the captivity trade – to seem more benign by letting dolphins go instead of adding them to supermarket shelves.

But it doesn’t really mean much –

the same people are involved and will kill any other species they find. And after September, they will kill bottlenose dolphins, too


Louis Psihoyos released a new documentary in 2015 called ‘ Racing Extinction’ – his aims were to not only create awareness but make changes.

His latest documentary focuses  on pollution, destruction of the environment,climate change and ridiculous and copious  amounts of consumption of animal meat.

The documentary was originally  going to be called ‘The singing planet’


“And that’s because everything from the insects to blue whales has been singing; we just haven’t been listening.

That’s sort of the common emotional way to get into the story, when you realize that we’re extinguishing the voice of these animals that have song.

Some of the songs that you hear are so complex and so beautiful and haunting and ethereal. I think when people start to hear these voices, it will awaken compassion.”

Louie Psihoyos

 I know this is a lot of information to take in . Bare with me, please.

In connection with what Louie says.  I won’t be exploring this topic today but what I do want to point out is: noise pollution in the ocean, as something to think about.

Dolphins hearing senses are extremely sensitive.

All human business activities  related to the ocean, like oil drilling, working on oil rigs, military explosive tests and sound tactics made by noise-makers to lure mammals to  a fate of experiments and death, can cause serious effects on these mammals hearing.

Even the sound of of everyday boats  can interfere with how they communicate with each other. It affects their social lives.

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23 thoughts on “Dolphin- king of of the fish

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    • Hi thanks for reading and commenting. People do need to be more open and aware to what is going on in our world. It is our world and we all have to live in it. There are too many of us that are dying and being used- animals and humans combined. I far for the future of this world. 🙂

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  2. I’ve watched that documentary… And others… And I believe if more people did, this practice would end. Same with many of the other atrocities we inflict upon animals…


  3. I read an article last night attributing intelligence to great white sharks. That they are highly intelligent. Hmmmm. We are just beginning to have them here in the warm waters of South Florida, which is proof they, too are thrown off by climate change-global warming.


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