Mama cat – the cat’s miaaaaaaaaoooowwwwwww

So here is me thinking I have caught up with everyone. I’m just about to get cozy and finish reading ‘I am Pilgrim’ and I decide to have a quick peek at my emails and I find this comment in my ‘Daisy in the Willows welcome page.


Hello! I just wanted you to know i adore your blog and so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Here’s the link to mine, it has the rules included.

I hope you’ll be able to accept, enjoy!

Cat Mama

I can’t accept . I’ve been nominated a few times now but what I can do is give a massive shout out for my fellow cat loving friend and share this clip of me playing with my Miss Tatiana this morning. I think CAT MAMA (OWNED BY THREE CATS)  will appreciate this.




Hope this makes up for the nomination xx


33 thoughts on “Mama cat – the cat’s miaaaaaaaaoooowwwwwww”

  1. My two lads, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston from our “Nice Place” blog, were glued to the screen watching Miss Tatiana. She´s a beautiful cat. I must admit, I also enjoyed watching her little video. Best wishes from the three of us.


    1. If she´s naughty Mr Midnight says that she´s a real cat lady. Being somewhat reserved and a traditionalist, Sir Winston said it´s a shame she lives so far away because he could try and bring her some manners by. Thank you for your kind response. purr, purr, meow from the Black Forest

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    2. ha Yes. A true lady who happens to love biting her family. 😉 I quite like Sir Winstons approach. Any tips he wishes to impart to my dear Miss Tatiana will be most welcome. Meow meow from the breezy isle of Bengal 😀


    1. Ooh, not sure how via internet… Right, tomorrow at the same time (are you GMT time), we both have to post at dead on 10:30, rock, paper or scissors. Kay? Could be fun 😛 I need some cheering up and frivolity.

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