One Powerful Queen

Today I’m using up my O,P and Q to  give you the buzz on a creature that spends its time keeping nature in balance by taking the time out to ‘smell the roses’

I am a bee! teee hee!


Okay I get it! I have bit of a nasty sting on my butt. know this, I  only use it if I feel like my life or my one of my homies lives are threatened. I am a drone. I have a duty to protect my queen. I know she is a bit of whore but what can I do?



So why bother with the welfare of bees? it’s none of my beeswax I hear you say..

Oh but it so is…

Bees are disappearing at a fast rate.

You need me not to buzz off because

  • half  of the worlds species of plants depend upon animals  for pollination.  My kind is known as one of the best spreaders of  pollinators. I have zeee the awards if you want to  check it out. 

What does this actually mean, Daisy?

Well, we  visit hundreds of flowers a day , we do this to take back what we need to create a hive.

While we are serving our queen bits of  of pollen grains( the stuff that encourages fruit and vegetables to grow- food that humans need to eat)  we spread bits of these grains collected in our hairs,  to other  flowers

  • Us, Bees are responsible for helping   plants produce  seeds and fruits that  25% of birds and most MAMMALS rely on as their main source of food.

  • My kind keep up our social engagements not for mere gossip. We are on the community committee to make sure that we improve the habitat for wildlife and make sure the plant community remains healthy.

Quite a big role for such a small little tyke. Impressive.

So we have a good reason to worry that certain breeds of bees are disappearing.

We  are resigning from the committee at epic paces.


  • Loss of habitat due to humans wants of dominating the world.

  • There is a huge amount of invasive plants being imported into countries that threaten the native plant species

  • Herbicides used  on crops by humans that kill native plants

  • Off road vehicles that disturb the sand habitat

  • Pesticide poisoning ( usually from drinking contaminated nectar or by absorbing toxins  through their exoskeleton) 

  •  Convicted escapee Commercial bees are passing on new diseases 


Sign this petition

BAN PESTISIDES THAT ARE KILLING OUR BEES    and other petitions like it.

check out GREEN PEACE – THE BEES IN DECLINE   -educate yourself.


5 thoughts on “One Powerful Queen”

  1. Great post, Daisy. It’s quite frightening what’s happening to the bees and the terrible consequences that await should they disappear. I watched a documentary the other day about how they are trying to combat the problem in the UK by bringing in bees from Europe (I believe it was Italy?).

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