10 thoughts on “U -Unite

  1. Hurting animals is the gateway drug to hurting humans IMO. Those who take pleasure in it are ‘not right’, as we southerners say. BTW curious what everyone thinks is more effective in championing animal issues: the tearful commercials with sad songs and shots of animals in shelters, or the upbeat, cheerful ads with families adopting pets? I gotta go with Door #2.


    • Tough question. I know a lot of people refuse to watch those commercials that insinuate abuse. I am the type of person who likes to know all the facts even if it breaks my heart having to watch abuse. The second type you mention seems so hallmark card like. It kind of takes away from the reality of the abuse that animals or children or humans have to endure. I’m going to not so much sit on the fence as suggest that a mixture of the two is a good balance- It creates awareness and it gives a solution. That is my opinion.


  2. Thanks for putting your heart and research into this. Truly compelling. We don’t use drugs or cosmetics to speak of, but in the things we do use, we do pay attention to the cruelty free processes.

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