Make believe

” Make believe when you  are glad when you are sorry. Sunshine will follow the rain” (lyrics to ‘Make Believe’ )- NORA BAYES

Who knew I would find inspiration 8 pages into a fiction book I am reading?

If all you want to do is cry and fall in a heap but you can’t.

You know,  maybe you find out   that someone you care about has hidden something from you ?

It could be anything from a betrayal to something that makes you angry and disappointed  that they didn’t share it with you before?

Anger in my case  is a wasted emotion.

We need to move on and we need to be strong.

If anyone is struggling with something- health wise -whatever. Listen to this song.

It helps me to pretend that all will be well in the end. The rain will pass.

I may not be a believer in any God but I do believe in the spirit and energy I gain through music. I’m a bit of jazz whore .  Missed my era -I suppose…..



7 thoughts on “Make believe”

  1. Thank you Daisy for sharing this message and I love the music and the lyrics to the video.
    Perfect message.

    Don’t feel down…Here I’m going to dedicate this song to you.

    I know you’ll love it and the lyrics as well.

    The Four Tops with Lyrics

    Hope you enjoy this…from me to you. 🙂

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    1. Just thought I cheer you up. Cyber-hugs to you. And if you ever need a friend to talk to. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me…I’m here to listen and help out in what I can. 🙂

      You are the best and kind. Thank you for being so genuine and down to earth and intelligent. 🙂

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