*TRIGGER ALERT* Lots of wedding themed pics. 

I must be the most anti bride ever. 

What I mean is I have kind of been dreading doing these posts. I don’t know why.. 

Well, in a way I do. I hate seeing all those brides gushing and having everyone fawn all over them and ordering people around. 

I’m a pleasant bride thus far. No Bridezilla behaviour as of yet and no symptoms. So I’m doing well.

It’s just  not me- yet. 😀 My Ma, my Nan and my twin Uncles and of course my better half and myself have worked hard on saving and making sure our day is gonna be GRANDE. 


So, we got to do a little food tasting today ….

 – gosh wait . hang on a sec.

I did a post on the venue months ago so let’s start with zeeeeeeeeeee venue. 



*singing* in an English country gaaarden…



VINTAGE TEA – small and intimate – We are doing this but on a smaller scale. There are only 20 guests and us two.

Due to money not growing on trees and that kind of thing..:D

I wish I could invite everyone I love.



WEATHER PERMITTING -(pray hard for us)



My G doesn’t drink and I don’t drink unless I go out which is never! So we are not having the whole night shebang.

I have ordered canapes  and a cocktail for after the ceremony which will give the lovely photographer ,Hannah a chance to get some intimate shots and just do her thing.

There will be a champagne toast  with the speeches and a mojhito  waiting for me at the reception table so I will be well on my merry way in no time.

MET THIS EPIC LADY-who will be leading me like the blind on the day


Met the lovely Tracy today..

Here are a few pics from our food taster session


20160428_141240 (2)



I got to chat with Claire the fabulous wedding planner. She has been so lovely and I feel like everything will go perfect now, we have had an update chat.

I would love to show you my bouquet and dress  and all the other details and bits and bobs. There is so much!


But I may hold out on  that for a bit longer..

I did get to see the interconnecting double and twin room for the night before and for the day so ,Laura,can do my make up, Sian will be doing the bridesmaids -my beautiful niece and my God daughter,my Ma’s hair and my Nan’s and mine.

My G  and his best man will be sleeping at our house the night before. The car is booked.

The rest of the party are the best man’s wife. I went to their wedding 2/3 years ago and I cried like a baby. It was beautiful.

We have my quirky in laws- Julie and John  including my soon to be sister in law Tami.

The couple and their 3 with another bun , called  Layla in the oven. They introduced us officially.

I had actually met Gaz way back in 2009. He was working as a barman and I rocked up at the place he was working to meet some mates one night and my jaw dropped. This man with olive skin, dark flowing hair , a real man – A Greek god like looking man  behind the bar.

I tried everything to get his attention but he didn’t fall for it or me until that day at our mates house in 2011.

This time I got his attention and he had mine.  Got to give the  guy a break – he was working when I first encountered him and he probably had a girlfriend at that time too.

Oh my god.. My Bella Bee’s outfit – I have turned into the gushing bride. It’s all becoming real – at last.

THANK FUCK FOR THAT. I am a human!

So many things going on in my head.

My wedding dress. What a find – all vintage lace. -long sleeved..-no long trail.


Okay here is a peak. I am not superstitious  and you haven’t seen all the other tiny details SAM_0494SAM_0498

 Got it for less than £500. Considering dresses start at over £1000 and much more. The bridesmaids dresses are pale lemon. That is the colour theme.

Yellow roses. I love yellow roses



I think I showed a pic of the look my G is going for on another post  but here is another peek


 Oh one last pic…

I got to see the bridal suite today –  eeeeeeeek.


So. I’m starting to feel the wedding vibes now.

There is so much I haven’t shown you but all in good time.

I’m getting married!

The most non traditional person I know is getting married.

I will leave it at that ….


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