Ma Me. #Socs


“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start your post with a two-letter word. End it with a two-letter word for bonus points. Have fun!”

LINDA- Stream of consciousness Saturday

To be or not to be.

I could have stopped right there. 😀

Today I choose to be. I am sat in bed with my G, my Bee and Miss Tatiana watching ‘cirque de Soleile and there is no better feeling than being together and connected.

I think  our family in all fairness will grow and grow. Hockey team?

Feeling like I do!

 Score as many times as you like.


Surrogate needed ?




Suffer we  must- those who refuse to eat and instead are force fed like chickens in a battery farm.

Cow or Bull?



Why do men get to enter and exit when they want?

Why do women only have the key to the door and the will to want to or not want to open?

Which is better?

I suppose both is just as fair.

giphy (1).gif

‘Blue balls’ is not a medical condition but if one must act this way

a medical solution,

I have.

 It has been used since the most ancient times.

 a cold blast of water

giphy (2).gif

Ask any lunatic worth his marbles.

That one rolled  right under the door. A space for an eye to peek under.

Not so fair when we cheat.


Monopolise .


Westerners sodomise.

How to end #Socs with a two letter word ?

 Shall I be a rebel and give not one but two fingers up to the rules?


glass .

splinters –

a wooden leg tries to stick his in one hand.

Running away – I don’t want to see  red.


Let me rather see yellow.

if you want me add to it,

put a rose on the end and forever more will you have my friendship,

on every level of grammar school we enter.

You two?


or ,


or rather,

enter in to.



24 thoughts on “Ma Me. #Socs

    • Yup , a bit warped. ha ha I was sat half watching the movie and reading blogs and I came across Linda’s #soSc post prompt. I’ve done it before and I love the flow of just writing and not stopping. It may not be amazing writing but I feel creative and I feel like I have tried to be creative . That’s the whole point for me, I guess.

      Liked by 1 person

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