Little lady dancer

she dances to my fascination ,

a soul that is filled with imagination.

carefree , bliss…. gravity can hold her –

Oh,what a kiss!

Pointed toes,

add a heel,  another toe ,a shuffle and hop.

She leads the lot with her teeny tiny bop. 

Four years ago, born in the full sac.

Midwives tore at her home to make sure she would not lack

Life – no scream.

He had to be so mean.

She’s not breathing.

What the fuck ? I haven’t even recovered from all the sweat pouring and heaving

Skin on skin contact.

Brief .

Enough to instil some sense of relief.

Four years later she is tall and graceful,

The word – darling springs to mind.

I look into her eyes,

I am blown away  by the  compassion I find.

She is my little lady –

Thank God I  never stopped being a chancer;

because  today I get to see my daughter  ,blossom as a true dancer

Feeling proud and excited. Off to watch my Bella Bee d her second Ballet and Tap recital at the theatre , darlings…

Have a great Sunday and as always can’t wait to catch up with you all laters


26 thoughts on “Little lady dancer”

    1. Ha ha! T. have you been a busy of lat?. It wasn’t Bees’s birthday . Not yet. She had a dance recital at the theatre darling… 😉 xx thanks for the shout out anyhoooo

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  1. I just use to love watching my boys do things, I use to grow so much, such a lovely feeling, there is nothing greater than being a proud mum, we are proud of them all the time, but special days make special memories, enjoy it as much as you can……………..they grow Haha ( the magic is different)

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    1. Ha Indeed. I’ve never felt like this before, Brooke .She did a play last year and I was proud but this was a whole new depth of feeling. I had a wonderful time , thanks 🙂


  2. It was pretty obvious that this was about the, now famous, little Bella Bee from the first line. Isn’t it nice to be enthralled with another life? Especially when that life is a part of you.
    You have a poet in there. Don’t let this talent go to waste Daisy.

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    1. Enthralled! I was high on Pride. I know now why people liken it to sin. Pride in oneself is so different to rush of the pride a parent feels for their child . Thanks for the support :O

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