A beaten wooden heart..

WOW! My first experiment with poetry -way back in December 2015.

REFLECTION# Where there is life there is heart still beating.

Daisy in the Willows

She has so much

Nothing to want for

Her home is full of jewels

adorned with gold

all these jewels come with a beating heart

Why does she lust?

Why does she force Father times hands?

Your entire being is beautiful

It is

I love you

many  times a day

She loves, yes

One version of love amongst many

What does the past have to offer?

what ifs.

If she hangs onto her past

What does her future reveal?

Her present

A  court she can finally command

She  unties her collection of masks

They  fall

These are her coloured ribbons of rules

They  sway -a slave to the wind

She parades her new silk coloured clothes

the ones she forgot she ever had.

She allows a select few to disrobe

Her  in all her  brazen nakedness

proudly displayed.

She must be more than just another’s lust

She lives in a…

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16 thoughts on “A beaten wooden heart..

  1. Lovely writing! I tried poetry for the first time too when I took the Blogging writing poetry course. Sometimes you just got to give things a go!

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