Courage @Curious Queendom

Thank you Sharon @ Curious Queendom .

Queen Daisy

It has been a pleasure collaborating with you to help other Bloggers over come their fears about communicating wiht other Bloggers and Blogs.

This is not you average Q&A Guest Blog. It was done organically and at a pace that we felt comfortable.

I love how Sharon has actually taken parts of what we discussed and put her own reflection and spin on what was said.

She also makes me sound like I am half decent. 😀

Proud to  have my place in the  Curious Queendom Collaborator  room. I can officially add this to my Blogging C.V. – it is all great experience.

For those who want to know what was discussed and what the end product looks like,  check it out . It’s not  long and boring.. I would say that because it is about me but you just have to trust me, I guess .

LOUD LAUGHTER. My petals are a shaking.


Have a great weekend.

Me and the G are going to try and find soemthing wacky to watch this fine evening.

Have a good one!



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