Words can do no justice #gratitiude


Thanks so much for all the great comments and support , my Word press friends.


Um. Speech time.

I’ve had a two day break. Time to recover from my Hen do- .

Less than 4 weeks till  Daisy gets married.

I will spend today playing catch up with you all and replying to your comments. To be honest, I kind of cried  at your comments. THANK YOU.

I’ve just had my ego rear its head and had a peek at all the flowers or followers who took a chance on my Blog and what I have to say.

I’m still working on my other social media pages  but THANK YOU  to those who support me on FACEBOOK  and TWITTER too.

You all count xoxoxxoxox



35 thoughts on “Words can do no justice #gratitiude”

  1. Hi daisy I had to privatise my blog so please request access, I want you to still be able to follow me, someone from my past found me and started reading and I don’t want them reading my words so I had to privatise the blog so please go ahead and request access

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  2. I feel excited for you and your big day! You are so fearless in your posts and such an inspiration to me. I hope it’s a happily unforgettable wedding and wish you the best life with your husband going forward. You deserve it!

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