A Thank you! poem

I’m so new to this whole Blogging stuff- especially the poetry  but this is my grand plan of how   I want to thank you.

All of you.

I would never  ever  have had the courage to put myself out there like I do today. You all inspire me and challenge me.

I know I am not shit hot  or the best -far from it; but you have all helped me see I have got something worthwhile to say every now and again. 😀

Love you guys and gals – my flowers – my manly trees.  You are  the breeze that makes the willows a pleasure to live in.


I bet a bunch of you are  going to stop following this Blog after such a nasty thank you poem (including a WordPress prompt. ) Ha ha!

Serves me right.

To those who stay -Daisy in the Willows is going to continue and transform.

Here goes . ahem…

You can mock me in the comments section. I am kind of expecting it. I have a sense of humour too.

Are you ready?

I’ve always had a knife.

Got to keep the bad gargoyles from striking me with eternal strife.

Back in September 2015 ,

I started this blog with -lets be honest  here,

not much self esteem.

I carried on and slowly  got to know this world.

When people started to follow me, I was so shocked.

I couldn’t believe that anyone would want to read  all about  my life,

street name ‘whirled’.

The months passed and I carried on with my flow. 

Instead of getting harder -it became easier .I couldn’t just stop and tell myself

‘Yo go  slow’.

I started getting comments and commenting on other folks blogs.

All of a sudden,

I had a whole new set of clogs.

These shoes had a sprinkle of brave emblazoned on them.

All I had to do was carry on walking .

I felt, for the first time time like I wasn’t walking around,

trying to find my voice in a ghastly school of  phlegm.

My words? 


I carried on with my journey until I got to a fork in my path.

I knew how to walk the knife- life,

but to make a decision based on wearing my mind like a rational scarf?

I couldn’t choose which path I was going to go down.

So I made  up a new rule and picked up the fork.

A dead  end stop. 

Going against the rules again.

After all, It is part of my repertoire talk.

7 months later I had a knife and a fork.

Granted ,I still didn’t know what I was going to do.

What I can say is,

I felt like the celebratory cork.

500 of you took a chance and there were times when my life  was full of using a dirty old butter knife..

I then decided what I was going to do with my knife and my fork.

I was going to use them  to carve out a more sophisticated  worthwhile, uncluttered  life. 



48 thoughts on “A Thank you! poem”

  1. Hi Daisy 🙂 I saw your comment on Jacqueline’s blog 🙂 I’m so happy that I did! I love meeting new people here in the blogospere 🙂 Congratulations by the way on your achievement! I love your poem by the way 🙂


    1. Haha 🙂 I needed something different when I set up my YouTube account. At some point I was tempted to change it, but decided to keep it anyway. It kinda grew on me after a while 🙂 Thank you with regards to my poems 🙂

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  2. I love the poem…and I feel thanked. Congratulations on making it this far and transforming too. And now you are doing poems too. I love it.

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  3. Congrats DaisyWillows!!! You are S@&!t Hot to about 500 folks, that’s all!!! Lol! Who would have thought, right! Awesome milestone and I’m proud of you girlie!!!🤗


  4. Hi Daisy, I was one of those who advised you how to get noticed more, write more and just go for it and you did in a big way. At worst and only at worst is sometimes you make everything big. Mix it up some for your viewers. I altered my styles and added to them and you are dong just fine. I try to reblog newbies as I have a lot of followers and that gets newbies seen and I hope everyone gets noticed for their uniqueness, our flaws and gifts. We all have something to share. I crossed a line with some work and lost ppl even though I labelled them with a warning. But if you lose some friends, do not worry. You will be fine.:)

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    1. And so you did. Thanks for taking the time to advice me again, Paul. I will be sure to take it into consideration :). I never thought I would put myself out there with poetry but it’s fun and and yeah not all my poems are going to be great. I’m still a rookie in many ways but I enjoy the buzz I get being creative and the support is the cherry on the top. I like to do shout outs too. I think it is the very least I can do. Well let’s hope I don’t lose too many 😀 -Hope things have settled down on your end 🙂

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    2. One shout out I do is with award posts. I break the rules and turn them into meet n greets. Most people do not do them and many do not get to see new people or people that were outside of their circles. So at times I will write an award post with 40 nominees. I did one where I turned a poem into a “list” of friends. I sometimes get lucky with my works. I had not written poetry in 30 years before last fall and never strict form. I have a good 6 pieces I like to do daily but try to avoid pushing it. That has become more recent in light of my home issues. I will try to get 2-5 strict form pieces in. I used to do erotic meme story boarding and some soft to full on hardcore erotica and many liked them but I lost people too. So I tread lightly. The mental health related issues almost everyone here has at one time or another I do like going dark and getting someone saying I was reading their mind. I am due for a good one of those. I also have to consider doing a full double acrostic, they are real hard. If they make it too hard to enjoy I made my own form with spelling from the first letter in each meter and then an all caps word at the end to seal it. But things have only settled as my sister and I have literally lived next to each other for 40 years and can go without talking. But this is different. Her bf is heavily involved and a lot of it is him holding money over her head. When she finds out the hard way it is failing in court, then her landlord has to evict us both as she can’t evict me alone it will be nasty. In the interim, we are not talking and neither are talking to our younger sister over this. I am hurting, have too many things to do and need to not worry about my room being vandalized or her thinking she can get away with things and nobody at any agency will write a simple letter. Attorneys said let her think that she is right and next thing you know 6 months have passed and she got nowhere or breaks up with this guy. Worst case it will still be the owner taking us to court. Sadly I had ppl lined up to move in and I set the bar high enough to live rent free.

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  5. I’ve seen you change so much in the brief time we’ve been “bantering” at each other. Yep, I’ve seen the addition, fork to knife, and I’m expecting the spoon too and also the plate. Let’s see what Daisy is going to dish up next. Hmmm. It smells like flower…

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    1. Concerning those times, we won’t mention it. But we will award a blue ribbon for jumping over the moon. Nice try. 😉

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    2. Oh ART. I am such a dope! I only just get the whole flower -flour thing. Too busy jumping over the moon – ha ha -Groan. but a good groan


  6. Blogging was such a startling discovery for me too, Daisy. Started around the same time you did. I thought people from WP were paid to read, maybe. LOL I did it for my own well-being and never expected to find so many wonderful people… and one of the few communities I’ve ever known where people shared themselves so authentically. Sharing your happiness and joy! in lak’ech, Debra

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    1. Yeah Debra , I know what you mean. EVERYONE has a blog these days but it is still cool to know there are enough people in the world who take the time to connect xxx in lak’esh huh? tried googling it and it came up with ‘I am another you’ ? Is that what it means? cos that is so cool 🙂 x

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