Back to Back #Socs

Book ends. 

Holding contents of opposite trends. 

Supposed to be a matching pair.

They face opposing , outwards  and witheringly stare.

Opposite directions. 

One looks to the East, 

The other to the West.

How do they  the find balance?

when the content they protect is not heightened to its proportional best?

Like lovers involved in a dual 

Too stubborn to look at each other. 

Only adds too the fuel.

How to get the two to work to keep a soul mates loves knowledge in tact?

Keep re visiting different contents with proven facts.

Facing opposite directions doesn’t have to mean white and black.

If we delve into our grey matter- know the most important thing about being a  perfect pair of book ends:

is to have each others back. 

(feeling lost, low and not myself)


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “book.” Use any meaning of the word as your theme, or simply mention the word “book” in your post. Enjoy!



42 thoughts on “Back to Back #Socs”

  1. Daisy, I haven’t seen you this way in quite a while. Can you say exhausted? I cannot imagine what you are going through with so much going on in your life right now. I’m giving you permission to back off, even permission to let us know that you are gonna be a slacker for a time. There are too many triggers happening and pressure won’t help. Just let it all go for a bit with a little grace. Your good buddies will all be here when you return. 😉 We love you and just want to see you feeling good. We do give you permission to be just busy enough to stay in your zone though.
    Hope you enjoy a great week ahead. 🙂

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    1. Thank you . I don’t know what is up with me! I’m feeling the pressure. II’m not feeling myself. Thanks for your very wise words of advice. They hit the spot and I needed to read them. 🙂

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    2. I hope you’re back to feeling like yourself real soon, but I suspect that something in your consciousness is asking to be looked at. You might give life a break long enough to check out that prompt. It seems to be a rather persistent one, and may be important to acknowledge. 😉

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  2. Beautiful words, Daisy. I get a sense of hope, despair, confusion, and longing from this post that I can identify with greatly. It is very poignant and I enjoyed reading it, as it was interpreted by me as sorrowful/frustrating yet filled with an underlying faith in love. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Love stream of consciousness work, Ms. Irrepressible Woman (love that too, btw). Stream of consciousness is so important. I think that’s why journaling can be a great technique. Bookend metaphor is great…having each others’ back…very clever.

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