It’s complicated.


Will you ?

Will I?

Yes, wouldn’t you..?

Wouldn’t I ?

What I mean to say is….Will you? Please ……

What are  you doing ?

Erm…… Doing?

Yes.. Down there. I tower over you enough when you aren’t half bent and crooked…

Half bent? What is that supposed to mean?

Half bent! You have that look… that thing those people -how do you say it?- Oh I don’t know  airy  and breezy…

Is this a joke? Are you really enjoying this ?

I would ask you the same question. Last time I checked you were not the  person I see before me…

And what person is that? 

Not this – its so ………….so ………… unnatural. For you, I mean.

Well, I know I’ve never been conservative but unnatural ?

Rather liberal I would say. 

Ma cherie, Will you? 

Will I what? 

Will you come down to my level of thinking ?

Are you sure you are not  possessed?

I think you have confused me with some character . I’m not quite sure what it is  you imply..

Look!  I will come down to your level and tarnish my finery, on one condition…

Anything. of course!

Ask me the question again ?

The..  Which one ?

Oh the heavens, this will never wash out -the first one !

Oh, of course. Will you ?

I will….

You will – this is just marvellous!

if ….

If what ? I beseech thee.

If I say I will: will you promise to remain the Gayest fiance there was ever born?

Gayest? Have you lost your….. I am a full blooded Alpha . Is this  a joke?


No. Just No.

If I say I will -will you continue to be the Gayest man I have ever seen?

Well, my love. Don’t mind if I get up off my knees- I need to think about this.

I said yes, I  will!

You are mocking me.

No. I love to see the way you look at me – T’is the gayest I have seen you yet.

Dear Lord! 

Will you? , it is just Darling.

I think ,ma cherie . I think I need to, uh, communicate a little better..

If you  say you will, you may kiss me.

If I may say….. K- cos I  b like MindFuck. gotta chillax with my bros  in a mo, my answer is  mb.  C u laterz! lols.

(Doesn’t it suck that we us text lingo instead of proper language these days)


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “mb.” Find a word that has those two letters in it, in that order, and base your post on it. Have fun!




31 thoughts on “It’s complicated.

    • Hey Miriam -I had fun doing it. Thanks for reading. I love doing Linda’s soCs. It has become one of my favourite times to write . I never know what is going to come out. Thanks again for the vote of support. I am so happy you enjoyed reading it. 🙂 xx

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  1. My text language is basic. It amounts to sys (see you soon), omw (on my way) and where u at? The last one is readily decipherable. Btw, I only use it with my significant other, lol.

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  2. I had to read this twice!! It really is interesting how, text language has somehow taken over the English. I got a really good idea from reading this. I just might try and write a blog post using just text language.

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      • Your welcome! I might do it, I’m not sure though, it might be a much more difficult challenge than I think it is. I love how when I read a lot of your posts they make me stop and think about things.

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      • WOW! What an awesome thing to know. Thinking is good. I think challenging ourselves is a good thing. I think you should – you may just surprise yourself 🙂 I have every faith you can pull it off. It may start out a something and turn into something completely different and I think that is cool too .xxxx THANKS for your support 🙂


    • Okay. I was kind of prepared for this. I like to participate in a Blog I follow Friday Saturday Stream of Consciousness- if you click on her name link – Linda G. she explains the rules.

      Each Friday she gives us a prompt to write something . The prompt this Friday was to use the word mg in a post. I used mine as a way of looking at how language has changed and how easy it is to miscommunicate. So this is all about a man trying to propose but there is a lot of miscommunication going on. At the end the man who proposes says he will mb ( text speak for Maybe) think of being Gay : ie happy not Gay as in what he initially thought she meant by him coming across as Gay. I hope this clears things up if not I am glad you enjoyed the piece of writing xx

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