Two hearts. One soul.

“If you are going to re visit the past make sure you don’t have any expectations. This is the best armour you can possibly have to protect you from disappointment. If you get something good from revisiting the past -it will be a surprise and a blessing” DAISY

I’ve learnt that time is indeed a great healer.

I believe that as long as my intentions are good and come from a good place then I don’t need no particular faith or religion in my life to direct me.

I know inside -already what is right and wrong. I was born with a certain code of ethics and life and the people in my life have helped shape and mould my beliefs and values.

I have got to a point where I am happy with my values and beliefs.

This morning I learnt a valuable lesson.


We are not born evil.

We my do horrific things to each other in our relationships but relationships require hard work , commitment, compromise and respect and trust.

Love does feature and there is a saying that ‘love conquers all’.

I feel this quote can  only to be true when we know what true love means and what true love asks of us.

giphy (2)

Sometimes we say we love someone, for fear of being alone or because we are scared of not having some kind of attention.

 I am so blessed today as every day.

Especially today.

I have a beautiful family and we are all going to be able to take on the same name- the traditional way.

I will still be Willows on here but I will be Mrs Willows and our daughter and me will take on G’s name in the real world.

Today I received some fantastic news about this whole changing of names.

Thank you for not fighting me.

The past is the past.

We are never who we were 5 years ago, 1 year ago, a day ago or even an hour ago.

I was asleep 1 hour ago- not ready for today.

I am now Blogging and getting ready for what I need to get done today.


We can be so ugly to one another when we are hurt, confused, insecure and not stable or thinking straight.

I’m so  blessed and grateful I have found my soul mate. We have an amazing child.

In 6 days time I  will let go of the name I have had for 34 years and take on a new name.

I’m so excited about this new chapter.

Sometimes we have to die a bit so that we can be re born.

It’s painful to let go and die..

giphy (1)

I’m ready to take my first breathe in my new life.

I know it is going to be worth it.

Don’t be afraid of endings.

Be excited that an ending usually means a beginning.

Such is the nature of life.

Like a circle we will constantly go through our ups and downs. We will be at the top of the circle sometimes and at other times at the bottom.

We need this balance .

I  needed  to feel hurt in order to know true love.

Blessings do indeed come in a variety of disguises.

My G or Gaz as he likes to be called is the best thing that ever happened to me.

We have been through so much and I still feel the same way I do about him that I did the first time I met him.

Oh he is a pain in the ass at times, stubborn and well… stubborn..but he has never let us  down.

He respects me.

Trusts me – we don’t have secrets even the worst kind .

He turns me on.

He is the whole package dressed up in a bow.

These are my words for today.



56 thoughts on “Two hearts. One soul.”

  1. I’m always impressed by your insight and understanding of the world. I’m happy for you entering this new chapter in your life. Name change or not you will still be an inspiration to me!

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  2. I am getting it from all sides. Physical, work loss, anxiety, heart issues, shoulder, back and total tears of shoulders. I have barely been able to post this week and I am going to have plenty to do.

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    1. Hi Paul. Sorry about what you are going through. I really wish I knew of a way to help other than be a support in the Blogging world. have faith , friend. The circle of life is always turning 🙂


    2. Someone told me to get a gofundme account. I think it is a static link that has people contribute. I mentioned it to you earlier and a second person said it was legit. I would feel odd doing it but worse leaving with just a bag with me and my computer to stay in a shelter knowing all else will get trashed.

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    3. Well if you are being threatened with homelessness I think you should give this GoFund thing a chance. You are fighting for a home to call your own. You are not trying to dupe people into giving you money so you can buy a new pair of shoes! If it is legit – use what is around you to get you back on your feet my friend 🙂


  3. Daisy I know you are going to be a stunning Bride and u do hope you share pics with your readers! So excited for you and you soon to be husband. Congrats to you both and can’t wait to read how you have embraced and found comfort in your new life!

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    1. Hey Chanel! Thanks that is so lovely to say. I will defo be sharing pics. I’ve got so much happening this year to look forward to.I defo think this is going to be a year I grow and understand and develop my potential xxxx I

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  4. I’m so excited for you… the whole lot of it! This post touched on so many positive changes. What a restoration of the past, eh? New ways of looking at things, new approaches, and new direction… all in one tight knit, little, and happy family. This is a great foundation for your future. 😉

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  5. This is a very nice post Daisy and straight from the heart. Good things definitely happen to good people no matter how hard might be from the beginning.💝

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  6. You’re a wise one aren’t you 😆 This is a beautiful post-thanks for letting all of us travel on your inner journey with you. I am so blimin excited about your wedding, it’s ridiculous! I’ve never even met you haha 😂 Gaz is a lucky guy too. 💖

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    1. The most anticipated wedding in WP history, aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!! *squealing* ha ha 💖😂 You’re gonna look beaut 😘 Xxxxx


    2. Ha ha! I doubt it! I think you would be an awesome wedding guest for what it is worth – you can be my virtual bridesmaid xxx if you want to of course – screaming – jumping up and down! ha ha

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    3. You know what it’d be an absolute honour!! Virtual bridesmaid, WOOPING and AIR PUNCHING as we speak- BOOM! haha ;0

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