Gushing Blogger Bride to be

“May all your dreams come true and if you are having a nightmare -WAKE UP! Look to the sky. See that cloud? Do you see the silver lining? Look! It is there ❤


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I never thought this would become a regular thing.

Every week and I meet so many awesome people. I Cringe most of the time I hit publish and I  think everyone is going to think I’ve gone one step too far. I can be rather blunt or honest as a lot of you tell me.

I can’t stop being who I am. And neither should you!

Unless of course you are not happy with you and you want to start living for you.

So every week I do these SHOUT OUTS. I get to know all of you a bit more and I connect with so many of you.

I wish I could follow everyone all at once but for me I need time  to get to know some people better than others.

I love the interaction I have with my fellow Bloggers and just like any relationship – soemtimes a bit of time is needed.

So,I hope that explains why I can’t follow everyone.

So thank you -it sounds so lame compared to how I really feel.


But you make me feel like I don’t have to fear anything I think and want to write about.

I follow quite a few Blogs who didn’t and don’t follow me -some have and some haven’t but I have learnt not to take it personally.

I still find the ones who don’t follow me inspirational. That’s just the way it goes sometimes

So without further ado

giphy (4)

Over to these flowers -if you are a guy you can be a manly plant — feed me Seymour feed me.

First up – I have a confession to make I have to give a massive SHOUT OUT to my Queen Bee. I didn’t know why none of your posts were not coming up on WP. I just assumed you may not post a lot. I loved your Blog the first time I saw it and I honestly thought I was following you. You have become such an amazing friend. You are my virtual Brides maid and you are amazing. We are so going to meet up soon. I connected with B.E. as soon as I heard this. Sometimes music translates and I want to shout and sing :

.. “I sing the body electric, while Mary plays the rosary for my broken mind.” 💙


WORDS WHISPER-Imagine a world without books    beautiful poetry Subhangsita Das

Got my words army,500 calibre ! This is about my notes,my thoughts and my feelings.Its about how i see the world.My reality       Deep thoughts going on here. A friend who left but has taken another chance on my Blog. Much appreciation 🙂

The Geek Undergraduate- graduating in Geekdom    get your Geek chic fix of words and Geek  book club , check out her Japanese Diary and she is also a Gamer- a world I want to explore more – I think Geek Chic is catching 🙂

BRUTALLYHONESTSHADOW  I think this may be a new Blogger still finding his/her feet. Keep going Mr Bindaas 🙂

Un-Break My Heart    Guess who ? Wordsmith Boulevard and  Inner merge and become A and B moylomenterprises  – LOVING WHAT THESE TWO ARE DOING! 

Gunjan Singh – live tales Blog – get your spirituality fix right here 🙂

seenu625 –   Love imagery! Some great pic fixes here. Follow on Pinterest /Facebook and Twitter  too

I Dream.Write.Express. You shall read and you shall know.  صراع (Sirae) means conflict ; a state which I’m always in. Feeling conflicted ?  I have found a common friend

The Road Less Traveled -Abnormality is The Spice of Life    because who wants to be normal,right? Kudos to this lady.  She does so much with her life and lives with Anxiety.  Let her show you how she does it. Inspirational! keralas creative kitchen  Any budding chefs in the house? let Sumith teach you how to cook authentic Indian food.

MY WHEEL LIFE    Can you keep a secret? Who doesn’t love to hear a secret or a great story? Nikita has many and she is happy to share them with us. A kindred soul who is straight up honest about who she is. Love her love of Acting.

BEAUTIFULKINDOFTHOUGHTS-Colors of different thoughts   For those who have an open mind. Please know that if you are a sensitive soul and are easily triggered then be kind and keep and open mind with what this lady is doing. She is super talented and offers support in what could be seen as a controversial way. I love all things controversial so….

paininzeeback- No more eggshells – ever. WOW! Leah might have lost her will to live but she is a true warrior. INSPIRING! I did kind of cry reading about her story but I became really happy when I got the end bit. NINJA PRINCESS LEAH!

Journey of life With Anil  Want non -stop adventure? To take a peak into  the life of a dare devil? To wonder what it is to live life to the full? Let Anil Hudda be the man to show you an alternative life.

SIGHTS. SOUNDS. MUSINGS. Diane Brander   Want to be a writer? Need some  useful advice – Diane is my new go to lady ❤ – Food and Beauty Blog   Who doesn’t want to receive beauty and food advice and discount offers from Natasha ( love your name 😀 ) who just happens to be a  Mental Health Counselling Major!    We need you to do something in the U..K.!

Dimensions  Like a bit of Random? Get Random thoughts from  Amal 🙂

ohitsonlysteven   You will realise it is not “only”Steven from that cheeky face. He is diverse into health,Pop culture and human rights. Oh and photography and song writing and singing. Only Steven, huh?

Itsagirldream – Meet Mortisha -she only lives about twenty minutes away from my current abode!  She likes to have friends and lots of them and I think she may be pregnant too ….

GOOD, BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE A balanced life on and off the mat.   Meet Cymbrie- a bona fide  Holy Yoga teacher trainer. Christianity and Yoga? It is all happening here….

Anaprose-I invite my readers to follow me on my writing journey.SORRY but this quote from Ana’s about page does true justice to what her Blog is all about

My research extends even further. I argue that Literature helps us internalize emotional intelligence because we learn different culture through the many characters. I am an English major, and in my classes, we discuss many uncomfortable subjects, such as racism, misogyny, & or religion. Think of something uncomfortable that you can’t talk freely about in public. We discuss these issues as literary scholars or (English majors). We debate, argue, and we have this urgency to research and find answers and question a lot. Crystal Empath ~ My dreamlike musings,fears and fantasies whilst awake. Food for thought is a godsend. – YouTube recommendations, Music videos, musings, a book club, Health and Beauty tips too ….

Emily Rose ☽ BEAUTY .&. LIFESTYLE ☾  some one who doesn’t sugar coat things. Emily Rose – Not your average Beauty and Lifestyle Blog. There is some real depth going on  here.

The Lightning and The Fire -LET IT COME TO LIFE any one who has a Tag that reads Art is a weapon  has my full attention – Classy and highly unique  Poetry   going on here .

Space, Time, and Raspberries A continuum of tasty words…   Love the title of this Blog.

melonyslife Molestation, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic abuse and finding happiness I think  her Tag line says a lot. I feel sad reading about your experiences and I really hope you find Happiness Melony xxxx

WANDA LUTHMAN’S CHILDREN’S BOOKS  I wonder about Wanda…. Great Blog – beautiful message –  Uplifting and truly motivational- Parents  Teachers -lets tech our kid’s about what is really important in this Life.

This blog post is here to encourage good character in children. “Don’t be a Character, be of Good Character.” Parents and Teachers will find inspiring posts and resources to help them. Children will find fun activities to do.

CRADLE OF JOY-Food,Ayurveda and much more   Need health advice and cure to ailments – want to feel nourished and cared for ? Do you want much more?

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! With Faith, Hope and Perseverance  Yes, Johanna it is.  A lover of nature , animals and all things creative -I ❤ . Thirty years experience as a substance misuse counsellor  – please check out her other Blog Loving Me, Too Ongoing Lessons from a Recovering People Pleaser

sixty, single and surviving living well at 60   Too old to work , too young to die. Love the spirit ,Monicle 🙂

POCKETSFULLOFLOVEBLOG where love, inspiration, and encouragement collide – Recovery from Anxiety with AshdaPoet . Who says writing isn’t therapeutic ?

The Jouska- Mindless conversations being played out in one’s head  The Jouska is crazy to connect  with people and learn new things. Great attitude to have 🙂

keycas “live your life to the fullest”  AN intriguing introduction. Defo got me thinking… I’m nodding my head in agreement too.

Have a great week!



39 thoughts on “Gushing Blogger Bride to be

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  2. Hi Daisy, you’re having such a beautiful wonderful soul! It is an honor for me to be one of your best to shoutout. I read beautiful blog stories at WP and have learned a lot more from you and different nice souls In the blogosphere.
    My way of saying thank you so much and I I continue my support for you that has been already.
    Let us spread the news.
    More power!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, thank you for your kind words and linking to my post. I am looking forward to checking out the recommended blogs and reading more on yours as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you, Daisy! I enjoy your fresh, breezy style, and I love discovering other bloggers through people who love them. I was stunned but honored to see Space, Time, and Raspberries on your list — I hope you find more to like there than just the name! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. For some reason queen bee now has tears in her eyes! Bless you xxx I am so pleased you’re now following me, about bloody time too lol 😁 Luckily queen bee LOVES daisies, especially ones who live in the willows and it’s an honour to be your VB (virtual bridesmaid) *SCREAMING AND SINGING* ha ha 😆 Xxxxxx 💖💜💖 Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know I am a such a numpty! I thought I was following you and you didn’t post much so I made it my quest to find out what was happening and I remember that awesome song. I was listening to it when I first gave you a shout out and I was trying to find the video online and I must of thought that I had already followed you but better late than never . Forever your faithful serving Flower , Queen Bee xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Quest complete 😆 I really like the vid you found btw, it’s slightly different to the one on my blog although the song is the same, just better. What am I wearing for the wedding anyway, please not the predictable yellow/black furry bridesmaid gown? *head in hands* I hope you’re full of giddy excitement about your wedding to G. Are you a tiny bit scared too? I was before I got married, but it was awesome, days like that are one of a kind 😁 Xxxx

        Liked by 2 people

      • I’m nervous! I just want it to be Wednesday already.. I want to enjoy every moment with the man that has seen every side to me and vice versa. When did you get married. Did you find it really hard to sleep , eat and chill the week running up to the wedding? x


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