Shame boy.

My first attempt at Flash fiction. Thanks to Louise @  PRICELESS JOY


No one  knows just how much I see. I’m just the scare crow to keep the birds away and for the children to mock me. I am made of sticks. Where do sticks come from?


Once upon a time I was a living breathing being. I helped sustain life and I even got hugs for it. People would marvel at my glorious lush head piece of green foliage. I was tall and grand and people sat by me, happy to take some shade.

Now ,I am just a bunch of twigs. Look at how they dress me. I am so ashamed. I can’t bear to look anyone in the eye. This is why as each day passes I die just that little bit more. Rigid – if only I could reach high enough to be a part of heavens deities again.



37 thoughts on “Shame boy.

  1. What an interesting look inside the scarecrow’s head and feel his shame at being reduced to a bunch of twigs from a once tall, majestic tree. A great theme with an environmental message. 🙂

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  2. Nice story, I am glad the twigs from that once sturdy shade tree was put to use instead of decaying in the ground. Now stands a protector of crops, the overseer of the field. Alive again !!!!! Thanks again for sharing your story

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      • Yeah it is… I’m studying my MA in creative writing in October and I’ve been meaning to do Flash fiction for a while but I didn’t think I would or could do it. I love the picture prompt. It’s really to get the creativity juices flowing. I’m so stoked to join you all too xx


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