The harlot


Heathen !



A women who professes to be authentic

yet all she does is  making her self look pathetic.

The heart connects with what it wants.

Mind comes in with that rational  thought of ‘you can’t’.

Deserve to be  kicked to the gutter.

She can’t even summon up the courage to  talk about it. It all comes out in a garbled a stutter!

“Believe in your self.”

“I know you are scared.”

She only ever wanted to see him fare and succeed in the his own concept of desired wealth.

He says:   “We can’t be in the same room as each other”

For he and her  may just tear their clothes apart again and enjoy skin on skin contact  -She loves to discover.

She walked out like a harlot.

Made her bed and

Oh how she lay in it!

Thorns are necessary to feel the pain of her errant milk maid ,hay, rollicking  moment as Charlotte.

She  is not some good little girl  who knows  how to carve a lie out of  it.

A piece of her heart is not with her.

She left it with another  soul she is not allowed to  bother.

What one wants the other has,

what the other wants the other has.

Slow down.

Be a happy family.

You are going to have to rip this ‘party girl’ crown off her to get some sense of loyalty.

She is the betrayer.

She sows what she reaps.

If that means loss.

Then I guess she needs to stick to her decisions and take the leap.



“Look into my eyes,”

“did you feel it?”

Or is that her reading into things too much and getting smogged in the thick of this illusory bet?

Illusions and fantasy are all played  out fantastically in the mind.

Put it into practice and she gets to be the one has to deal with her foibles and  his  own “diplomatic”declines.

She am going to make it through it,

no matter what she does.

She is here for a purpose.

Lets make sure it counts and is worth it.

The harlot – the whore.

The one who felt wanted for a whole hour more.

No payment.

Just talk .

Do the right thing.

She  tries but her heart fucking stings.

Blue eyes that pull her closer.

She pull away because she knows that he can let this go and  invite around   medley of his most champion party voters. 

She champions you as she always has,

 She respects your need to get you life in order.

When you  left you,

You never even looked back.

Just another 2 week of holding  onto  your sac.

Its cool..

  When she plays with fire, what must she expect?

 a bunch of  free fries to go with her  Macccie D?

Had more time to cuddle.

The best part was the silence.

It didn’t feel awkward it felt right in the wrongest circumstance.

Feeling alienated from my family .

My friends.

Blue pills and champagne soften the blow.

 Why are we celebrating?

Her perfect timing on how to right and sort out the logistics of it all and tamper with a heart is an epic disaster

-given to me by another.

No butter required!

The harlot pays her own way,just for the record.

Feeling impulsive, doped up and feeling not too shit. She thought she  would wake up in A&E –

Some source has greater plans for her .

I don’t how he can bear to look at her .

She want’s you to know that she  loves You G .


8 thoughts on “The harlot

  1. This is a very interesting post of yours, it’s crazy, and I LOVE it!!! Enjoy your life D in the non-pain zone with Gaz and the source who most def does have plans for you 😁 Hugs xxxxxx 🙌🙌🙌💜

    Liked by 1 person

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