Stand up and be counted.


No more wallowing in the pit of my mind- beating myself up.

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Time to get back out into the world and live.

These are my plans for today:


I have been thinking to myself , what is the point of just arguing my beliefs and doing fuck all about it? The least I can do is show my face and lend some support. I also think it is important to let my daughter  know I stand up for what I believe is right and wrong.

I can only be the best role model possible and I won’t get it right all the time. Whatever she chooses to believe and value in her life as she gets older, I want her to be active and be a part of her community.

Change only comes about from action.

What is happening in America is disgusting. I posted this on my personal FB time line and I am posting it here. It is  not just about the refugee situation but it has everything to do with humanity and justice and equality.

You think we would have learnt something from the Civil rights movement in America – Song dedicated to to all the people who have lost their own lives and their families who are suffering . It is not about Black or White but about what is Right and Wrong!


If you don’t know the meaning  behind this song and how this stirred  more outrage hatred in the White Americans. Read about it here. This song was revolutionary. Martin Luther King was murdered because he wanted justice and equality for his people. He spoke up for his people. Nina Simone had to leave America (whose  own life became at risk), she had a 2 year break down and was diagnosed with Bipolar. She risked her singing career for politics and I admire this woman. Such a loss. She lived a long time though.

Simone is singing to an audience that enjoys her, but does not understand her. Any hope is balanced: “You don’t have to live next to me/Just give me my equality.”

I’m not usually one to get political on  my Blog. At least I don’t think I do.

I will then come home and do my SHOUT OUTS ready for Monday morning and check out some new Blogs – and read as many of the the  epic Blogs and thoughts of those I already follow.

Going to push myself to give LINDA G HILLS soCS a bash.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “concentration.” Use it any way you see fit. Have fun!


The lazy version of this prompt is:

I refuse to live in the concentration camp that is in my mind for another day. Beating myself up, gassing myself with guilt and thoughts of rejection and ideas that I am not good enough.  🙂



THANK YOU  to those who have stuck by me with all this shit going on but I am back in business.

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Laters  xoxoxo ❤



33 thoughts on “Stand up and be counted.”

  1. Inspirational! Your daughter is very lucky 🙂 Thank you for sharing lovely. What is happening all over the world is so scary; it just seems to keep getting worse! 😦 Hugs your way lovely

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    1. I gotcha he he. Yes I know what you mean, I find myself thinking like that too – I want kids at some point but what will I be bringing them into?! It’s scary to have this world for someone’s future. But, you know love, struggle, happiness, emotions! You’re so wise and been through so much; in my opinion, any babies you bring in to this world and raise will be very lucky and know a beautiful world that you create xxxxx

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  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in Halifax – my step-dad’s family were in Southowram, not too far away, so I remember it well from the 1970s – and the smell of what I used to call the Bone Factory, which I loved! Anyway, standing up and being counted – that takes guts and I admire anyone who speaks out and up for what they believe in, as long as it is backed with equality, justice, fairness for all – the good stuff of life.

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    1. Thank you it was awesome. I need a lie down- will post some pics and me reading poetry to a live crowd! crazy! first I need to get some blogs read so catch up soon. The bone factory? sounds awful!


  3. Good post…..One can no other but be as good-enough as we can….You, ‘Go’. Lassie! Justice….Will Be Done….
    ‘We Shall Overcome’…..
    Love this….
    “THANK YOU to those who have stuck by me with all this shit going on but I am back in business.”
    Hugs! ❤

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  4. I like the entire read but one line stood out. Thank you for bringing it here.
    Change only comes up about when there is action.
    Had plans for this weekend on that. An uplifting line to amplify my motivation. Thanks. Hope you doin good dear. – Cezane

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    1. Yes sure, i am actually bringing it in through a post tomorrow hence it will be shared out in an exhasutful manner soon ☺.
      I hope it is something many will acknowledge and like.
      Hope you will hop in and have a look at the thought! Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love coming at you from Psychedelic Bay! – Cezane

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