Make believe.

socs-badge-2015     AND MINI LIFE UPDATE!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “if/then.” Begin your post with the word “If.” For bonus points, end your post with a phrase containing the word “then.” Enjoy!

Another Saturday upon us. I love LINDA G. HIll’s soCs .   She inspires many to fire up and type and write away.


we don’t try  things -Good and Bad

How on earth will we know what we are made of?

How will we be able to gauge what our character is ?

How will we know if we are on the right path or the wrong?

How will we know our likes and dislikes?

How will we know when to reassess our values and beliefs?

How will we end up doing something different, get us out of our comfort zone?

How will we know who/what is good for us and who/what  is not so good for us?

How will we learn from our mistakes?

How will we  know what we are truly capable of ?  Can be Double edged sword here.

How will we know how to feel and think?

We most certainly will screw up,and that is fine.

Most of the greatest people do and do it often.

Remember if we don’t push ourselves to live and try -what are the chances of a living a life we want , then?



*Mini  Daisy life update *

My feet are kind of back on the ground. We have a date night in the Willows household.

May go watch ‘ The conjuring 2’  at the cinema. WOOP!

Check out my MY FACE BOOK PAGE   to see what has got me gushing.  I will warn you seven minutes of Daisy  gushing. Second post down


Shout outs to follow next week.

Started swotting and getting ideas down for my MA  in Creative Writing -start date November 2016.

I’m shitting myself!

giphy (9).gif

I want to THANK all of you have supported me on this crazy part of my journey. It is a side I don’t think I have expressed so graphically before. I am not ashamed to write what I truly feel.

Thank you for understanding that I haven’t got round to reading as many your  Blogs as  I usually do.

I do as many as I can in a day. It is one of my priorities.

I have an award tag  to accept and do soon  from BROOKE @theutopiauniverse   – A great inspiration and motivating Blog/ger I follow..

She makes me see things in a more positive light.

I’ve put off doing this award as I have had to re evaluate my values of late but I will be doing it -so expect nominations!


The title for the post comes from a song that has helped me deal with my shizzle lately –


Have an epic weekend!

Daisy xoxo  ❤


31 thoughts on “Make believe.

  1. Hi love…I have done my own if/then SoC post in your honour 🙂 It’s bloody crap!!! But it’s the thought that counts 🙂 Hope you enjoy your date night tonight 🙂 xxx

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  2. I loved your video blog, including the end where you say, “Oh, God,” sort of to yourself, which adds to the comforting genuineness of the video. It was affirming and empowering. I’m excited for you! ….and for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice post Daisy, glad to see you are feeling a bit like your true self….missed you on the blogosphere Thank you for the mention and I look forward to seeing your post, as always, no rush, whenever you are ready, lots of love have a great weekend x

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