Truth Terrorism

What is this world we live in?

Where is it heading?

Everyday, it seems  like the poverty gap gets wider and bigger.

Politic puppets play a big part in creating a vibe that people as a collective are a  maudlin sinner.

Imposing their views on us and calling it uncensored media;

Taking our men,women,mothers,fathers, sons and daughters into a war zone- using pawns is far easier.

Kill the fanatics – before the enemy strikes.

Is it just me who can see through the sandstorm of the political game?

They always seem to rise above the shit and stand out like bright kites.

A Mary Poppins  tale this is most certainly not.

Chim chimney  soot is all our leaders blow out, leaving us covered in their web  -like ,grimy snot.

 Who is profiting the most from his world?

The ones who fight for humanity, until they have it burnt out of them like a page that has caught fire and curled?

 Who are the true, thriving millionaires?

I get the feeling fanaticism is much closer to home – one way I can only think  to sum up  my liberal  view is:

 Our governments  are  quite adept at churning out flexed  Doctrinaires.

* I’m trying to increase my vocabulary -so today’s word is doctrinaire*


Definitions for doctrinaire

  1. dogmatic about others’ acceptance of one’sideas; fanatical:a doctrinaire preacher.

  2. merely theoretical; impractical.

  3. of, relating to, or characteristic of a doctrinaire.


check out the origin of the word. It’s pretty cool.


64 thoughts on “Truth Terrorism”

    1. Hi Koza? Just listening to it now – It’s pretty bleak what we have set up for our future generations. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. The Myrrors reminds me a bit of the Doors – got that same vibe going on – bit of joy division too


  1. Take any societal group where the majority agrees that change is needed, 90% will rant but fewer than 10% will act. Here in the US of A we are facing an historic election between two candidates each distrusted by a majority of the populace. It is said that this election is about our Supreme Court and whether that body will be liberal or conservative into the foreseeable future. What ever happened to the concept that justice is blind, fair and impartial? If a judge rules based on ideology, then justice is not being served. The vast majority of our people clamor for meaningful tax reform, something that will never occur as long as the folks who would initiate such reform have the current tax code as their most powerful tool for picking winners and losers and increasing their personal wealth while doing so. In this present fiasco Mrs. Clinton represents status quo while Mr. trump is truly a “one-eyed jack,” a wild card. The irony is that while Mrs. Clinton has been bought and paid for by the establishment, having grown fabulously wealthy while in public service, Mr. Trump rails against the oligarchy, he after building an empire based on being an oligarch himself. And while this circus unfolds the world is being blown apart by zealots who wish to use 21st century technology to return us all to the 13th century. I thank whatever gods may be that I have grown too old to die young and I pray that you folks who have read and commented on this excellent post will someday be able to make that same statement.


    1. Hi Rixi. It is a complete farce that the U.S.A is a democracy. Yes there are delegates who run the campaign for each party there is and the American people are forced to vote but if the whoever is actually pulling the strings in government don’t like the Americans choice. Now before I carry on I am not an expert on American politics, I did find out that there are people -wealthy people -such as Bill Clinton and G. Bush etc who can go to the supreme court and these elite SUPER DELEGATES -as they are called –can take the person who the American public voted for and put anther person in place that they feel is more suited to “run” the country. This is madness! Not Democratic at all. I heard Obama got taken to the supreme court and was sued by part of his own government for trying to pass a policy.! What has happened in the U.K.. with BREXIT makes me sick. The majority of the people are either poor – or working class – labour voters — then we have their opposite -the conservatives or the Tories as they are known who most of the rich people tend to vote for (if you read popular news) . They decided to have a non binding EU referendum and put that to the people to vote if they want to stay in the EU or be their own little island. They used words like ‘immigrants’ and foreigners ( I am South African by birth and have French nationality. My father is British) ‘taking all the British peoples jobs’ – the government divides the country. Basically manipulates them for their own gain ( Britain is in the shit economically and in every way you an imagine) . The U.K. majority ( or those who actually voted) voted out!)Which I think is so impractical but that is my opinion. Everyone cheers (including the working class people) for Tory David Cameron stepping down as Prime minister! He gets a away with all his money and swims for safe shores from a sinking ship that is one tiny little island who think they can rule the world. We now have a PM who nobody voted for. There has been talk about the EU not giving Britain a chance or to uphold the Lisbon 50 treaty article, which allows a phasing out of the EU after a period of two years ( once monies and the like are taken care of) . They tell us only buy British. We have no economy. Schools are being bought and made into academies . I believe Trump has his very own academy- this guy is allowed to propagate his verbal horse manure to future generations!? The biggest source Britain had to export was in the steel industry. The British government sold their only big money earner to the highest bidder. I think it was China. I don’t feel safe in this country any longer. I am planning to move back to France. I cried for one full day, when I learned what the results were for this EU referendum. I know this sounds like an exaggeration but I get the feeling there are probably many not western countries with more so called Democracy. We have our own Trump in England- Boris Johnson. The two must have have come from the same litter. My own Nan wants to go back to a Britain before the war! Hello ?
      Scotland voted to stay in the EU. England won’t give Scotland Independence. It is a complete and utter joke!
      I know Turkey is not the most stable country in the world but look what happens when the common people unite and stand together. The military’s attempted coup didn’t work.
      I don’t want to bring more children into this world. I love children. I worry for the one I already have. Then we head over to Africa. One of the most beautiful countries is following suit of the Congo , Zimbabwe etc… and there is full blown genocide going on . The majority ( Africans) are on a mission to kill the Boers (Afrikaners) not for their money or their land but because they are WHITE! No, I don’t agree with the Apartheid regime. I don’t agree with the government making promises to ‘give every Black person a house of their own’ and today,there are more Black people out of work than there ever was. Affirmative action is probably the worst thing that could have happened in S.A. Yes, give people the chance to get educated -pour money into educating and skilling people up but don’t just go ‘ oh ,well 8/10 of majority of a certain population race should be employed before any other race.’ Any country needs the best teachers, Doctors, Scientists, Media etc… -not ( I know this sounds harsh) a bunch of un educated people running the country and educating future generations.
      What is happening over the world with all these shootings is tragic. Of course people are going to blame fundamentalist Groups. I don’t think this is all their doing. Yes, they have their own agenda. They have done some horrific things to justify their warped ideas. On some level, I don’t blame them. I mean come bomb my country, tell me how to run it and then piss off and I would be slightly pissed off too. I do feel that ISIS -insert whatever popular terrorist fraction group of your choice -is happy to take the blame. It is fee publicity and makes them seem more powerful than they really are. Don’t get me wrong, I know terrorists agenda is to divide people and create chaos but aren’t our western governments doing a grand job of it, albeit in a so called “civilised” manner? You don’t have to kill a person physically to destroy a life. I only want Hilary Clinton to be voted in because she knows what goes on inside of the American government. She is not new to the game. Sorry this was a long rant. Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Sadly, this is the world that we are living in currently. There are too many deaths and destructions happening. It seems that we are not moving for the better and only the top benefit from the system. How can the world change when there are many selfish people out there.


  3. Wonderful, and you’re not the only one that sees what they’re doing, unfortunately. 😢 And great way of adding vocabulary. I ought to do the same. 😀


    1. Hey Ana. Yes. it is most unfortunate . Maybe you should do the same. Use the same word and put your own spin on it. I am doing the first year of my MA in creative writing in October- so I need a bigger vocab. I am predominantly focusing on writing stage plays and fiction- maybe even a radio play. I am absolutely terrified. I suppose that is a good thing though , right? ha ha!

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    2. Wow, that sounds amazing! Congrats. And yeah sounds like a great idea, I’ll try to use the word.. And don’t be afraid. I’m sure you’ll be great. I felt frightened the first year of my MA program too though. But the professors seemed a lot nicer & understanding. I hope you post a bit about your experiences. 😊


    3. Oh wow! What did you do your MA in? I’m studying through the Open University again- more convenient for me. 🙂 I have thought about it and probably will do. I don’t know what angle it will take yet but it is going to take over a huge part of my life. I’ve got a few training courses to go on in September .I’m training up to be a WRAP )Wellness recovery action plan co facilitator with a mental health charity I volunteer with. I’m beyond excited. I also do mental health awareness and reducing Stigma workshops with Healthy Minds. I love my blogging and then of course there is family life. I really need to find some balance. I really don’t want to stop blogging,but I do need to prioritise. xx

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    4. Oh wow, that all sounds impressive and intriguing. And prioritizing is always a conundrum. And just finished my first year At Asuza Pacific University, an M.A in English.

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    1. Top of the morning to you, Daisy!
      Seems I’m ever writing in the early morning. Perhaps that is when I am most creative…or just when the business of my day wanes.
      Thanks so much! Daisy, like the flower, is lovely as well.
      Muchas gracias! We are the richer when we depart our enclaves and check out the world! 🙂

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  4. The saddest part is, it doesn’t matter which country you are in, the politics game is the same. I can relate this to the Kenyan politics too. A sad time indeed. Thanks for increasing my vocabulary too.

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    1. It is sad. This is something that I was trying to point out. It is easy to say ‘oh that country is the one who is in the wrong and need bombing or need to be taken down- Every country has it’s leaders -whether we ” democratically” elect them freely or not. This is a global issue. It is not about the West is Right and the rest of the world is wrong. It is all messed up. Kenya looks like a beautiful place. I was born and grew up in South Africa and I see what is happening to the country and the genocide and all the evil that is taking place and it is no different to Apartheid. In some ways it is more ungoverned and chaotic than it ever was. I never agreed with Apartheid but what is happening now – is true lawlessness. People who fought t be free from the oppressive regime -black and white and of all colour, have been let down once again by their leaders. Empty promises. The few elite in charge- seem to be the only one who profit in this world of ours.

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    2. Ah so you are only 1 hour behind. My country of birth. I grew up there. What can you say, ek se? I haven’t lost my accent. I miss it so much. My Dad lives out there in Durban. How bout you?


    3. Oh man! that is awesome. I had some mad times in my youth. Buttons -you name it….. I’m a bit tamer these days but yup -so corrupt. I spent my youth raving it up at 3-30 and A.D.’s -stars, Greenwood park. so many places. My poor Mother! So whereabouts are you then?


    4. Haha Buttons?! That’s Drastic lol! But as long as you made memories and enjoyed every moment! I am on the Dolphin Coast – Ballito. Lol feel your mom’s pain! I’m just a youngster trying to make a life for myself…

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    5. It is indeed tragic! Well , here my preachy bit to you ,lightie 😉 Don’t get involved in shit like I did. Have goals and drive and make sure your future self will thank you and look at you with pride. Preach bit over. Wasn’t that bad huh> lols. Ah Ballito. Good times there. So what is on your life cards at the mo?


    6. LOL! Advice noted! I am on a different road – I am 22 and working for the past 4 years Trying to build my future, studying part-time – yeah the joys… I am a Software Quality Assurer. I believe I have my priorities in order. So great and coincidental to meet someone on WordPress that knows Durban! 🙂 I am stoked!

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    7. This is fab news. I am sure you are going to go on to do amazing things with your life. Let us keep in touch. I won’t go into politics tonight . I’ve been studying and it has been a pretty busy day. My first Sports day at my 4 year old daughters school. She can run! Yes, but as I was saying- I see a lot and read a lot about what is going on in S.A. My Dad and some other family still live there- it would be good to get some insight from someone who is the new generation .Take care for now my friend.

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    8. Good Morning! Ah thank you so much! We will keep in touch! I guess we have to be studying all our lives hey, learning new things everyday. Aw you have a little kideo! That’s so adorable, and even more that she can run lol (‘cos I can’t)… I loooove kids! ❤ They steal my heart! She prolly got you on your feet all day long when she's not at school! Hope you guys had a great time! 🙂 As for S.A – It's going down, and no, we not yelling Timberrr… We definitely gotta run.

      We on a boat cruise this afternoon as work team build – so happy Friday! What's your day looking like?

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    9. Ha ha! yes, sounds like no amount of tree hugging will save our land from crumbling from within. Oh I miss the ocean so much. Have a blast. I have video of her running . She did so well. I am such a proud mommy considering I never wanted children- she kind of has stolen my heart and cast a spell over me. I have a good husband who lets me work and do my thing. She is a good kid. She will be 5 in October and in full time school in Sep. Time flies. I still remember holding her when she was but hours old. I’m mainly swotting for my MA- I am trying to get as much of a head start as I can. six week holidays coming up, then I’ve got some training to do with a mental health charity I volunteer for in September. So I am trying to be as well prepped in advance so I am on top of things when it all gets a bit hectic! 🙂 Love the hectic life. Yes, have a magic day. Chat soon 🙂


  5. “Is it just me who can see through the sandstorm of the political game?”
    I think we’re all just finally seeing it for what it really is. Even the displacement of people is orchestrated to reduce them to powerlessness while everything they ever had is lost – even their culture – spoils of war for someone else. There is power in the fact that we are taking notice. Many thanks for raising awareness – you are so good at that! 🙂

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    1. What you say about displacement of the people being orchastrated I’d what infuriates me most. Classic divide and the few conquer. It is outrageous. I don’t know if it is the french in me but we need a revolution. Global and for the greater good of the majority who suffer x

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  6. I don’t believe that both parties are the same but that could just be my naive need to believe that we the people have an opportunity in this election cycle to correct the mistake the voters made in 1980. Your insights are on target. The real fanatics who are out to destroy this nation are sitting in the Nation’s capital. They use our institutions as playthings and re-defining define liberty as the right of a small minority to live as if it owes nothing to the community. Dogma: the act of placing a wrong idea above fact and reason. You nailed it!

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    1. I agree.

      In the real world everyone is a little of both and adults usually know how to respectfully disagree.

      I like a good round of ridiculing the ridiculous on twitter but this business of demonizing each other for the ‘sin’ of holding a different opinion is more typical of people in adolescence.

      It’s weird to see it in people over 30.

      It’s downright bizarre to see it in men and women in positions of power.

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    2. I hate twitter lols. It is a midfield first of all to navigate and there is a lot of trolling. the word limit for what you can say is too short to even explain your views properly, and we are meant to be role models for our future generations. We are sending out a malicious message indeed.


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