Empress of Rome.


‘If it is true that soulmates should forever, always remain  happy together.

Likewise,forever, together, is a long time for soulmates to remain happy together.’


*EPIC GRINGE* but  I have hit publish..  How did I do?

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Definitions for chiasmus

  1. Rhetoric. a reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases, as in “He went to the country, to the town went she.”

Citations for chiasmus

What Phillips likes best, however, is wordplay. Inversion, circumlocution, alliteration, assonance, chiasmus, paradox: there’s nothing he doesn’t go in for. “The unexamined life is surely worth living, but is the unlived life worth examining?”Joan Acocella, “This Is Your Life,” The New Yorker, February 25, 2013

One well-known example of chiasmus is Quintillian’s purported phrase “one does not (a) live to (b) eat; one (b) eats to (a) live.” … Other examples are Mae West’s “it’s not the men in my life [that matter], it’s the life in my men.” And then there is President John F. Kennedy’s famous phrase, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”Joyce O. Lowrie, Sightings: Mirrors in Texts — Texts in Mirrors, 200


Want to have a go?

Right time to read as many Blogs as I can and then much to be accomplished today.

Have a good one!



28 thoughts on “Empress of Rome.”

    1. you pass with flying colours Rob. An eternal optimist. You trumped Trump- that is not a hard thing to do. That is kind of an insult – oops. 😉 Can I come up with a better compliment > You should be president! You make a hell of a lot more sense. 🙂 x

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  1. Oooh I learned this in my Latin class, so here’s some original chiasmus from Catullus:
    “Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, requiris? Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.”
    I love and I hate. Why do I do this, you ask? I do not know, but I feel it happening, and I am tortured”.

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    1. Hi that is a beautiful one. You win hands down. I studied a module of myth in the Greek and Roman worlds in uni . Ovid’s metamorphoses is pretty genius!

      I can’t beat you on Latin. You are just a tad genius minded to be able to read Latin.
      Carpe Diem! ha ha – guess who is the Alpha in this and who is the Omega ? ha ha! I think you get both roles!


  2. “It’s not the way the fan hits the shit that I’m proud of, it’s the way I fan that shit!!” haha. That is my contribution of chiasmus 🙂 xxx from the running rabbit who reverse ran away from your wordplay challenge gauntlet! Lottie loves ya babe xxx Interesting post here 🙂 I might try and integrate chiasmus more into my book in the soC paragraphs at the start of each chapter-love it! I don’t know much about the English Language, but maybe now I’m writing my debut book I should maybe try and learn more!! Can you be my teacher MA creative writing preacher. Answer me in chiasmus format otherwise I won’t read it haha 🙂 X

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    1. It comes so easy to you ,Lottie. So ,not fair – totes sulking at the mo 😦 -I think you have an ace idea. I am starting to panic about this whole MA thing. I did with my BA.
      To teach intellectually must come from the heart, likewise our intellect must heart -ully want to teach intellectually. .. this sucks!

      Why is this so hard for me?

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    2. I have not a moment’s worry about your success, because I see it u folding. I am spiritually awakened and get strong senses about people. Some people I worry about, others I don’t. I don’t worry one second about you-your creative journey is unfolding just as it should. Mmmm, as to why you find things hard I will have to meditate on that and get back to you 🙂 I shall do that once I’ve finished the poem I’ve written. I’ve reinvented a new genre “shit poetry” haha 🙂 I publish them because I enjoy writing, and enjoyment of writing is at the heart of great writing. Anxiety stifles and diminishes creative output. I do think meds dull your senses too, I have noticed I write easier now I’m less medicated. Once I can readjust to this new normal I’ll be ok. Not suggesting you reduce your though, I’m no psychiatrist. Spirituality has helped me get into different zones of thought so I’m not so “in my head”. Your mind rules, which eclipses your heart. This may be bollocks, I’m writing not editing then just clicking send. I don’t know where my bollocks comes from but I produce it with ease ;0 haha 🙂 xxx don’t sulk, you’re amazing xxx


    3. PS. Sorry if that sounded invalidating of your feelings. Your writing has helped me so much, I’ve learned loads from you xxx

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    4. I don’t tend to edit either unless it is being graded 🙂 . Your faith in me is astonishing. I will get there in time with the pills. Just not today – ha ha! pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug cartels in the world. It makes heroin/ cocaine look relatively pure. Well, it is pure before people get involved – ha ha! love ya loads. Now-gots to get off here. Be back laters lovely xxx

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