The Inculcator.

Under the influence,

who’s to say my way is better than yours?

What’s  that word for those who like to care for whores?

Pimps ?


Is there a  true distinction between the two?

The school of life is  far larger than just for the selected few.

Influence  is an exact measure of precise repetition.

The part of  solving this equation is  probably not for the likes of an  uneducated me-  

but  possibly lies with  some newly,  appointed  Electrician.

Electrocution is a great way to enforce.

It sure makes it a hell of a lot easier to  ensure masses, fully inebriated,  back up those –  and are  ready to fully endorse.

What is it we are teaching future generations?

Whose actually going to succeed with such subtle manipulations?

Where is this place to be found for  a word for this repetitive echo?

Why does it get enforced by a wildly driven, escaping, tailless gecko? 

 When tails grow back , tales grow tall.

Tell a person enough of the same concept – stand back and watch in awe.

Good and Evil – it looks like the latter is winning


if we can take back what is ours, then  we can send these merry, mad cowboys into exile, to their very own land of  mud slinging.

Ghung -ho – is about all we have got left.

We  can’t remain complacent and look at each other up and down, wondering  who will stand up to fight.

We all need to  take the test.

Who are we going to let dominate what we are taught?

Shape our ideas and strangle out any independent spirit, that knows what it is like to  have ideas impregnated with  artificial thought?

Abort this plan and lets re write history.

Conquer the long- held champions of  the poison  distillery.

Rise like warriors of humanity,

make it our turn to infiltrate.

Bring back  a new meaning to those who seek to inculcate .

sizedimage (2).png

Definitions forinculcate

  • to implant by repeated statement oradmonition; teach persistently and earnestly(usually followed byupon orin): to inculcatevirtue in the young.

Citations forinculcate

“Speaking of morals,” said Lady Roseville, “do you not think every novel shouldhave its distinct object, andinculcate, throughout, some one peculiar moral, suchas many of Marmontel’s and Miss Edgeworth’s?” “No!” answered VincentEdward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, Pelham; or, Adventures of a Gentleman, 1828

she practiced as well as preached the doctrines which she had striven for somany years toinculcate in an unthinking populace. Her day always began with alight but nutritious breakfast, at which a peculiarly uninviting cereal, which lookedand tasted like an old straw hat that had been run through a meat chopper,competed for first place in the dislike of her husband and son with a more thanusually offensive brand of imitation coffee.P. G. Wodehouse, Indiscretions of Archie, 1921

Inculcate descends from the Latin verbinculcāre meaning “to trample, tread”with the root wordcalx meaning “heel.” It entered English in the mid-1500s


Increasing my vocabulary everyday.  Challenges are hard buy achievable.

want to have a go?




12 thoughts on “The Inculcator.

  1. These “subtle manipulations” are feeling less subtle all the time. We are constantly told how small we are. Thanks for your post – like you said, we look at one another up and down, wondering who will show up… but, it’s up to all of us to pay attention. I’m finding that awareness IS a power that changes things, because it keeps growing to motivate new thought and movement. in lak’ech, Debra

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