the Estranged one

Estranged from the one  she  loves. Cursed by her wretched, past associations.

Darkness, rough, clawing hands -grabbing flesh -their  only Agenda: to satisfy their base emotions.

A hand constantly tugs at hers – out from the dark, away from  these faceless haunters of hers, now theirs – a battle they now  share. 

This hand is different. It Brings her to the present – gallant and full of spirit. Thoughts don’t spiral now ,that his firm hands are exploring what he calls his divine  pair .

Move right, move left, bite his neck , use your  vulva walls to squeeze his penis.

Don’t overthink this. Allow your body to respond as natural as if you are indeed the mighty  Goddess Venus.

‘Do you trust me ?’

Yes. I do.

She turns her back ,faces forwards, white shirt buttoned up to protect her neck, hands tied behind her back with a  silk scarf –

not some silly boy scouts set.

 Two  well placed fingers on her neck ,apply pressure,  stop her pulse  -Distraction – she isn’t aroused but willing –

she just wants freedom and to forget.

Work for this moment.

Standing ,she entwines both legs around his torso.

Heart beat!  

Pores sweat! 

She grinds on his concealed  cock,  feral, non performing in style  , an aura lights up around them

– look at how they glow.

She wants to feel this.

She wants to feel. Lose herself in the moment

– not wonder if she is doing it wrong.

Two speeding hearts.

Two scents of merged sweat.

Too much expectation -she feels the ghosts of past, hum a sinister

-well remembered song.

He unties her.  

He has got a better plan.

‘I love you’ , says he. ‘Trust me.’

He tells her to lie on the bed and she does as he bids.

Fingers explore every part -deep inside her , the surface of her walls, her clitoris – he’s trying to find her G spot –

the Agenda is clearly  not to breed a bunch of of kids.

She closes her eyes, tries to drift off. Don’t think -just feel- get past the urge to scream stop and run to empty an imaginary full bladder.’

‘Look at me,’ says he. Her eyes flicker open.  She hears her breathe , her muscles relax, her legs no longer tense.

She  looks  into his eyes, tumbles in  with a depth and  an  alluring candour.

There is a break through – no fire works but a result. A triumph of sorts. She didn’t lose herself to forget.

Stars turn out ,wink at her,  applauding her ability to mentally let go, without  feeling like  she has hung herself –

  missed one  letter  from the alphabet.

She pulls him close to her – whispers-  

‘what is in this for you? I didn’t get a chance to fulfil your needs -cut you off –  stopped you in your tracks . Call me Goddess  Asphyxiate’

He kisses her and smiles.

‘I think we have moved forward . I get  great pleasure in being the one , I feel I have earned my title to stand beside you  as your King , all I asked was for your trust and for this reason I was able to conciliate. 






40 thoughts on “the Estranged one”

  1. This is deep my beautiful Daisy. I can feel strong energy pulsing off the screen as I read every line. You have put a lot of intensity into this, and your writing is full of emotion and evocative and just plain brilliant, not vanilla brilliant-*insert favourite exotic ice cream flavour in here* haha. Brilliant xxxxxxx ps. I am sorry I have not been there for you lately, I’ve been in my hidey hole…but I will emerge soon. Keep being FABULOUS. 🙂 xxxxxxxx


    1. Thanks beautiful! Vanilla is my fave scent and ice cream flavour. Who have you been talking to ? 😉 ha ha! Yeah I had to moderate this comment too. WEIRDS or what? NO, don’t be silly. I feel like I haven’t been there as much as I want to. We have lives and that is how it is meant to be. No apologies. You just keep being my Armani Imani xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I love vanilla too! In a candle, fucking lush man haha! Not so much in the bedroom though, more indigo berry delight in the boudoir!! haha 😉 Love you xxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Eugenia. I have followed you back. So excited. Thank you – again -can’t wait to meet the group. 🙂 Time for me to get some sleep. Chat soon. Have a great day? evening? xx


  2. sounds sick and thick as i am i try not to judge but i m better off alone then with someone elses agenda. no thanks. i will agree then with st paul for them that can do wo. do so! serve something someone higher best i can then.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going for fairy godmother lessons – – lol… No, there must be a better way to help….. yes, beginnings are often the hardest obstacle to overcome and endings too. …
      There is some one out there…… but they not going to come knocking on your door unless it is the postman. I had to get myself out there. It was a Fucking chore. Hard work but worth it. xxx Here to help in any way I can xxx


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