Food for thought.

Hark! I feel the desperate need to fletcherize.

What? Is this some new mumbo jumbo, hybrid- combination form of exercise?

Yes,   I would imagine it involves some motivation from a person with no predilections to become easily disheartened.

Why can’t you just eat sensibly ,stop this   new wave of choosing a new flavor every month-

to keep up with  fitness promoters incentives  to keep  people outsmarted? 

It’s the new rage- it’s catching . It takes great skill , I can’t help but swallow great lumps of it, 7 days a week –

such is the weight of my  grief.

Sounds like a disease with such a symptom as that. Rage is not all  it is cracked up to be as a moderate form of stress relief.

It is not just some novelty – like limited -edition candy  bars being sold to profiteer the next big entrepreneur.

Oh really ,so next you  will l tell me it is an exact science – proven to actually have more lasting benefits than a summers worth of lazing on the beach in a bikini –  eyed up by the oil slick crowd that draws in like a tide -ogling to be  near.

Oh no. It has been well proven that  to engage in this exercise is likened to yoga. It is a practice.

The evidence for this is where ? a desert far away – hiding in the form of H20 in a well prickled out cactus?

Look,I’m not asking you you join the parade and get down and groove with us who choose to exert ourselves in this way.

I know , I just don’t want you to get sucked in the PR vortex and lose yourself with  an accompaniment £10  diet plan-

 to prove the results  work when you have your weekly weigh day.

Tsk,I’m not just going to gobble it all up without reading the terms and conditions.

Well, I am most sincere when I say I am glad you have paused for thought -slowed down your impulsive urge to guzzle down additional condiments –

and other unnatural apparitions

In practice, I am going to be mindful and chew on these words slowly and deliberately.

Wise words, coming from some one who is usually so careless when it comes to honoring your basic right at retaining  your  liberty.

No offence but  you  partake in media shake ups, that regurgitate  out a new shape each season,  with an  acute, floundering dignity.


Circle .




Mmh,that’s sparkingly rich. I only look up at those who have a celestial  essence of a shape – one quite like the star.

Well, while you persecute me for attempting to live my life in a shape I desire to acquire- with all due respect ,

I will strive to be what I want to be  and you be who  you are.

Wait!  I need 20 minutes to digest all this information .

Now, that it the right attitude – jut enough time to satiate before you give in to  more  temptation.

sizedimage (1)


One day until the weekend  YAY!



40 thoughts on “Food for thought.

  1. Hi! 🙂 Interesting post… I learnt many new English word! I’m an italian food blogger and nutritionist and I have a blog with my friend Ross… I’d like very much if we could follow each others! ByE

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  2. people are too fast now.. my colleagues eat in max 5 minutes and I look around like a cow sitting pleasurably and eating with all the fun and no care ‘cuz break has just begun.. lol .. ❤


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