A true union of hearts was joined one summer in late  June.

The birds chirruped, the sun shone – the two became one -reflected for all to see by La  Luna- the moon

Air and Water – shouldn’t cross paths. These two elements casually ignore each other in nature’s form-its innate core.

He of Air –

She of Water.

The energy that caused the spindrift was something not even these elements could ignore.

Le Mistral caught up in a steamy, heady mood.

Strode across the sky scowling, blowing curses – chaos surely ensued .

La Mer

– she was winding down for the day.

The tide had come in, and she was ready to listen to a  mermaid wax lyrical her classic tale of Babe Ruth.

The wind so vexed was he – he deafened her with one strike of his herculean hair -clouded by his inability to self- soothe.

La Mer reacted in bad form. He struck her so hard, – her mind swelled up with great licks of waves – crashing and thrashing her mental whereabouts.

Never interrupt an element so passionate about listening to her favorite composer.

Le Mistral and La Mer could ignore one another no more. She would make him feel the repercussions of his foolish, senseless,not-so-well thought out Strop.

Now he would have to face his conjurer.

A tidal wave of thoughts arose inside her. He would pay dearly for interrupting her meditative state of mind.

He had no clue what feud he had started. Fire and Earth were shrewd not to intervene. They knew when to stay out of the way of a combination of this kind.

They witnessed how the passion of this great unforeseen union came to be.

The product of this affront was simply not even what the conflicted two could continue to deplore.

Witnessed by two friends .

 Wind and Water created the very first image of love .

Spindrift -a physical  feeling of exhilaration consolidated the two .

They were now ready for a new adventure – together -ready to  explore each other, become the couple -who looked to the other with eyes that said ‘j’t‘adore.

Definitions for spindrift

  1. spray swept by a violent wind along the surface of the sea.

Spindrift is a variant of the Scots spoondrift, with the nautical verb spoon orspoom meaning “to run or scud before the wind.” It entered English around 1600.





40 thoughts on “Spindrift

  1. Wonderful! I, of course, look at it from an astrologer’s point of view. As a Fire sign, I used to worry about Water but my Moon is Water and my Rising is Air. Now Water (she) and Air (he) represent a water spout, watch out! Yes a lovely combination that can learn to not destruct, just wow each other. Great poem!

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    • Funny, you mention Astrology. The inspiration for it came from me being a Scorpio water and fixed and Gaz being an Aquarius -Air – fixed too. ha ha. I was very into Astrology when I was younger and to a degree I still am. I used to read all of Linda Goodman’s books. My dream was to have an Aquarius boyfriend because they seemed the hardest to hold on to. I gave up on that notion many years ago. I have dated Scorpios, Leos , Virgos, Cancer ,then I met my husband – Aquarius. I know there is more to Astrology than just where the sun was positioned when we were born. I just didn’t think I would end up marrying one. ha ha! My rising if I can remember right – is Gemini or is that my moon? I forget now. We constantly WOW each other 😉 – thanks xx

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