All hands on deck

A silly poem –

giphy (3).gif

Ho! Ho! Ho!  I’m going to put my two cents worth in.

Board the Jolly Roger with Hook and his crew of Rum kins.

Ah no, I’m  not slumming it. 😉  I’m going to be an honorable Captain.

See that ship flying out of the clouds? Welcome aboard the Jolly Willows- sorry,Hook I can’t do with the bellowing acting.

I lost two excellent Bloggers at sea these past two days.

Left the Willows.  I never told them to walk the plank. Maybe it was the Sirens who lured to them to an unfortunate land of curds and whey- more an isle than a bay.

Please, as a Captain of this gallant vessel – understand I can’t always be around in one place,or indeed in several dimensions.

I am merely human – I have a lot of responsibility -. I sincerely care for all those in my community. You are my stars, my right navigation – you are my suspensions.

I have many journeys’s I need to make -some are on here and others in another place.

Neverland -is not just me expressing my presentiment . I have  been there. I don’t want you to think I am a coward bowing out of my duties trying to save my wilting face.

Today, I take a trip to the land of the forgotten. The old and frail and the ones who need my time for just a couple of hours.

My family needs me. So does Miss Tatiana- not a parrot but a cat who gets irate when she misses her daily dose of affectionate showeres

When I return, I trust you will still be here – we can give a great cheer- shout outs to the newest Friends of the Willows who enjoy many adventures.

Magic is everywhere. All you have to do is believe, ignore the skeptic skeletal ones who still have their  chattering dentures.

An award shall be accepted from Brooke; she lives in a Utopian heaven.

 I do not wish for no heart; that I could collect you like a pirate collects simoleans- that is not what makes this ship vibrate, gets  it revving.

The most valuble treasures are the souls and bodies who inhabit this space.

Bon voyage , my true stars . I shall never be lost if I look to the skies ,I most certainly won’t need a thimble of rum close by me- for – just in case.

Definitions forsimoleon

  1. Slang. a dollar.


Definitions for presentiment

  1. a feeling or impression that something is about to happen, especially something evil; foreboding.




20 thoughts on “All hands on deck

  1. I’ll be here. I never check for un-follows though I know they happen. I trust that people who read my blog regularly know that I’m a flake that cares about his readers and does his best to let them know he does….

    So I’ll be here when you return…still part of the crew! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Rob. We know you care :). I suppose on some days I’m more sensitive than others ;). I only know how many friends on deck I have because I do my shout outs weekly, but that is the way it rolls sometimes. For some reason, I haven’t had any of emails notifying me of any of your posts. hope all is well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Delightful post….I believe I’m very much ‘on board’. Love the ‘allusions’ in the post….
    Most ‘telling’ sentence? ‘The most valuble treasures are the souls and bodies who inhabit this space.’.
    Hugs! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Loving the blog revamp!!! It’s lush, and love your post, as always. It gets boring liking you this much all the time haha 😊😝😁 I am private now, and giving myself a blogger’s day off too 👍💝🙌

    Liked by 2 people

  4. You always have a way to wow me with your words Daisy👍. Have a great day. I so much love the way you write. I have been everywhere lately too, hardly have time to really write but I’m doing my best😊

    Liked by 1 person

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