Titivate to Titillate

First a song in my head – the fabulous Nneka- I discovered many many years ago.


When She is in the mood to arouse you and  She wants you to reciprocate.

She has a technique she uses to spruce up her petals – inject a color dye -no doctors needed to take an oath – no need to hang dry and desiccate.

Sometimes all she wants to do is tempt you with Her words.She looks upon them as her Fire stoked Lords.

The Simple and overused can get tedious when used as a commoner slurs.

So titivate is something She tends to do.It  doesn’t require zazen mind state to create an immediate demand for 1950 style  Fords.

It is like taking a  dust feather to your ear, tickling it ever so slightly, a murmured breathe escapes – to let you know she is quite eager and indeed keen.

Arouse you with whispers of precious sweet adjectives.Use words that excite you to shudder instinctively. Now She needs to make herself seen.

Fluttering eyelashes – butterfly kisses. Sensual and cute -tempting yet blissfully innocent.

Pure and light and dreamy enough to set your imagination to seek out. Whatever is in that mind of yours, She wants you to know She finds you alluringly magnificent.

Which of your senses does she wish to tease out the most?

The ones where you see mental fuck ableness from an agile and graceful host.

Sometimes she tidies herself up because she just wants to try out something new. Freshen the vibe up. Create dribbles from your lush dew.

Bubbles have more of more a ranctious appeal.

One belongs in a crib or old age home or if you think like her – it is a bombastic way to expend your energy kicking about shapes with smiles that will make fans queue.

The other appears to invite a sense of pure, exquisite fun – something Her mind has always sought out to imbue.

So to titillate you, She has to titivate herself.

Seems rather rueful, when she wishes you could be curious about what she has in her mind -not something always recognized at first appearance when you are cuffed to a vision frozen on the ice shelf.

Truth is Her middle name.

Look by all means.

 Dare, is the name, She gave to herself when she was born.

Ask questions too.

She speaks in orgasms  when someone can make her laugh with their wit or indeed see a sparkle of hers thrown our carefree and unconsciously.

The successful friendships are indeed a honed practiced recipe, to incite those who indeed have an inkling or some fledgling clue.


Off to York tomorrow. Lots to read – I have a pile of books to study and read. I am prepping for my life to get pretty hectic in the next two weeks. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a wonderful weekend all.



35 thoughts on “Titivate to Titillate

  1. I noticed your posts stopped showing up in my reader and when I click on your link it says the site doesn’t exist… It still says I’m following you so I’m just confused because you’re still posting! Do you know why you wouldn’t be showing up in my reader??

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